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Intranets 101

Clearly, intranets exist to help you and your organization achieve business objectives and create desirable organizational outcomes. This essential guide will help you align your intranet with your organization’s strategy.

How to create an effective intranet strategy

Most organizations start intranet projects with ambitious visions of increased employee engagement, productivity, and innovation. Strategy is the link between visions and reality…the plan for turning corporate goals into real behavior changes.

Gordon Ross, VP of Strategy at ThoughtFarmer, provides you with the background knowledge and the tools to start crafting an effective intranet strategy. Get this part right, and the rest of your intranet project will go smoothly.

Intranets 101 LP Hero

What you’ll learn

You get background knowledge, concepts, ideas, and tools to start crafting an effective intranet strategy.
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Let us show you how our acclaimed intranet software enhances communication at all levels of your organization.