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Internal Communications

It’s time to simplify your internal communications.

Internal Communications Hero
Hachette Book Group
Thank you to ThoughtFarmer for the brilliant product you’ve made. I cannot imagine how on earth we would be able to share the amount of information we need to share with all of our office locations and staff segments, without the power and ability of the platform.”
Matt Hooban
Senior Director Of Communications and Engagement
Hachette Book Group
Internal Communications Engagement

Engage, connect, and delight

Design and publish captivating company news and updates that employees look forward to reading.
Internal Communications Unlock Insights

Unlock intranet insights

Measure and monitor intranet performance with reporting and auditing tools, gaining valuable insights to enhance content engagement and quality.
Internal Communications Channel Spaghetti

No more channel spaghetti

Centralize your organization’s communications and reach the right people on the right channel at the right time. (Disclaimer: we love regular spaghetti)
Internal Communications Mobile V02

Deskless is more

Connect field and frontline workers with a mobile app that doesn’t compromise on user experience or features.

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Headshot Coleton
Coleton Thielmann
Account Executive

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Our customers agree that our modern intranet improves internal communications

Internal communications features

Multichannel broadcast

Send critical, targeted updates through multiple channels, like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

iOS and Android app

Remote and field employees experience full intranet functionality on mobile.

Email updates and digests

Custom email notifications keep employees informed, their way.

Mobile push notifications

Employees in the field stay connected and never miss a beat.

News and content carousels

Showcase news with eye-catching photos in rotating carousels.

Desktop notifications

Keep employees updated with instant toaster-style notifications.

News and blogs

Publish captivating posts and image-rich news articles that spark engagement.

Group targeting

Easily share updates and content with specific groups that you control.

Group communication tools

Get people talking with forums, polls, replies, and microblogging. Let the conversation flow.

Personalized alerts

Employees stay informed and engaged with relevant smart alerts.

Unsplash stock integration

Design beautiful content using photos from Unsplash, right in our interface.

Powerful analytics

Know your intranet’s pulse. Boost interaction with analytics-driven insights.

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Learn how to level-up your internal communications.

Central 1
Success Story

A new channel to realign internal communications. For Central 1, ThoughtFarmer is more than technology, it’s the heart of their culture.

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