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Business processes

Form-powered productivity in one single, accessible place: your intranet

Buisness Processes
It has replaced our company newsletter, previous Sharepoint intranet, other Sharepoint and Google docs shares, survey mechanisms, and previously paper-based forms. It is extremely easy to use and intuitive. It was very fast to put in place. It has great analytics.”
Director, Marketing and Communications

Business processes features

Simplify and expedite your form-building process, tailoring forms to fit your specific needs.

Manage form entries smoothly and efficiently.

Ensure timely actions with automated workflows and notifications.

Capture and process form entries effortlessly.

Track usage and performance with form metrics and statistics.

Expand capabilities with form embedding and webhooks.

Benefit from dependable operations, new features, and improvements for seamless, continuous business processes.

Harness the full potential of form workflows and process management with help from our intranet experts.

Work with our Professional Services consultants to identify strategic opportunities to streamline your processes.

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Check out all the features that make ThoughtFarmer the most intuitive, easiest-to-use employee engagement app for your company.
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Choose one of our diverse form templates or design one tailored to your unique use case

JD Bank
Success Story

Find out how JD Bank streamlined their business processes using ThoughtFarmer’s advanced forms and form workflow features

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