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Intranet Professional Services

Exceeding expectations with exceptional results

Launching a new intranet? It’s more than just design and content; it’s about getting every piece just right. That’s where we come in.

Lean on our professional experts, who’ve been there, done that, and love helping teams like yours. Let’s make success a team sport!
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I would describe our roll-out as flawless. Our deployment of ThoughtFarmer was one of those rare IT projects where the technology worked as expected and the project was delivered on-time and on budget.”
Ryan Pugatch
VP, Strategic Technology
Hachette Book Group

Why work with Professional Services

Launch faster

Our deep experience and proprietary methodology has been applied countless times, expediting the whole process.

Reduce risk

We know the common issues that can arise. We bring this forward and work with you to mitigate those risks.

Extend your team

Setting up an intranet can be a big job. Think of us as an extended part of your team.

Maximize adoption

Customers who use Professional Services have on average a 19% higher adoption rate among their employees.

Customize it with ease

Whether you’re looking for custom integrations or more complex design, we cover your unique requirements so you don’t have to sweat the details.

Guarantee your success

We provide every client with white glove service, and treat each project like our own. A successful launch is guaranteed.

Team Review
By far, ThoughtFarmer had the best team of all the vendors we talked to. As we were introduced to more and more people at ThoughtFarmer, they continued to exceed our expectations and deliver results.”
Megan Fletcher
Senior Director of Internal Communications and Organizational Inclusion

Our proven process, your successful intranet

We use a straightforward, adaptable plan that’s built around your unique needs. We’ve gathered all sorts of useful tools and ways of doing things from our years of experience and countless successful projects. Together, we’ll make your intranet something special.


Our Process

1. Strategy:
  • Confirm company objectives and requirements
  • Evaluate the existing infrastructure and tools
  • Identify department and user needs
2. Project plan:
  • Define project scope, deliverables, and success metrics
  • Develop a project timeline with milestones
  • Allocate resources, roles, and responsibilities
3. Content audit and IA design:
  • Assess all existing content that needs to be included
  • Create the information architecture (IA) and navigation design
  • Use card sorting and task testing to ensure findability
  • Apply branding
4. Implementation and configuration:
  • Guided working sessions that break down the process of building an intranet
  • Integrate with other business tools and applications
  • Ensure data consistency and integrity
  • Custom integration with 3rd party systems
  • Specialized, in-depth training sessions for content owners and intranet administrators.
5. Migration and quality assurance:
  • Migrate existing content to the new platform
  • Conduct user acceptance testing Perform functionality and compatibility tests
  • Identify and resolve potential issues
6. Launch:
  • Build a launch communications plan
  • Provide an intranet launch review, including advice based on intranet best practices
  • Monitor system performance and user engagement
7. Success:
  • Get continuous support from our award-winning Customer Success Team including your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will ensure you fully leverage all of the features and make the most of your intranet.

Workshops and training

Choose from a series of ThoughtFarmer workshops thoughtfully designed to provide specialized guidance at every stage.
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Discover how we can guarantee your intranet launches on time, on budget, and without a hitch with our Professional Services.
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