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Community and Culture

Connect, appreciate, engage: your dream team culture starts here

Community And Culture Hero
[Our] large company feels more cohesive and transparent with stories we can easily share with one another. [ThoughtFarmer] is a cornerstone in creating a wonderful, diverse and inclusive culture.”
Marketing & Graphics Coordinator
Civil Engineering
Community And Culture Celebrate

Celebrate every achievement

Honor your team’s achievements through shout-outs, badges, and more, fostering a vibrant, appreciative culture.
Community And Culture Your Brand

Your brand, amplified

Design an intranet that reflects your organization’s culture and values.
Community And Culture Embrace

Embrace employee voices

Easily collect staff feedback, promoting a culture where everyone feels valued and acknowledged.
Community And Culture Community Ties

Strengthen community ties

Create customized spaces for engagement, nurturing deeper connections and team solidarity.
Community And Culture Profiles

Respectful connections matter

Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in a workplace that acknowledges and respects everyone’s uniqueness.

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Discover how ThoughtFarmer fosters thriving workplace communities.
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Corinne Kirtland
Account Executive

Experience the ThoughtFarmer difference

Our customers agree that ThoughtFarmer increases staff connection, culture, and community

Community and Culture Features

Integrated engagement tools

Employees tag each other, leave comments, contribute to forums and more.

Recognition boosters

Enhance team spirit with shout-outs, anniversary cards, and spotlight features.

Collaboration spaces

Use public spaces and groups for sharing and project collaboration.

Profile personalization

Profile pages and streams are designed for personalized experiences.

Custom themes

Use customizable themes for brand consistency.

Content transparency

Promote openness with easily accessible and manageable content.

Event promotion tools

Create and promote events with custom calendars, event registration, and targeted broadcast.

Adaptable integrations

Integrate effortlessly with culture-building tools like social media, Teams, Slack, and more.

Secure collaboration

Employees share and collaborate in a reliable, security-conscious environment.

User management

Robust tools for user and content management, simplifying administration.

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Because company culture should be amplified from day 1.

VHA Healthcare
Success Story

Learn how ThoughtFarmer empowered VHA to build a robust community, ensuring continuity in times of crisis.

Is ThoughtFarmer your key to a thriving community and culture?

See firsthand how ThoughtFarmer can strengthen your community and enrich your company culture.