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Great service starts with exceptional internal communications

ThoughtFarmer Credit Union Hero

Assiniboine Diamond North Central 1 BOK Finanical Coast central credit union 7 17 Creadit Union Assiniboine Diamond North Central 1 BOK Finanical Coast central credit union 7 17 Creadit Union
Assiniboine Diamond North Central 1 BOK Finanical Coast central credit union 7 17 Creadit Union Assiniboine Diamond North Central 1 BOK Finanical Coast central credit union 7 17 Creadit Union

Experience pays dividends

When it comes to understanding credit unions and building their digital workplaces, we’re leading the charge.

With nearly 20 years of experience locked in the vault, we’ve been the go-to intranet partner for credit unions everywhere, streamlining communications and engaging employees, turning intranet woes into high-yield wins.

Solving credit union challenges

A ThoughtFarmer intranet streamlines communication, facilitates collaboration and culture, and ensures quick access to the information that’s vital to running your credit union and serving your members.

Bridge the communication gap between multiple branch locations.

Connect staff across departments and branches, share unique stories, and support DEI initiatives.

Celebrate achievements, embrace employee voices, and strengthen community ties.

Ensure your frontline staff can find exactly what they need, when they need it.

Manage your extensive document library with ease.

Your centralized repository for all critical financial information.

Store and manage all regulatory, compliance, and security material in one accessible location.

Intranet Buyer's Guide

Learn how to choose the best intranet for your credit union

Why credit unions choose ThoughtFarmer

Empowered member support

From branch services and FAQs, to product details and mortgage rates, give member-facing teams the tools they need to succeed.

Product fast facts
Counter click
Quick links
Dedicated frontline search
Culture and community

Share kudos with shout-outs, engage teams with polls, or plan community events to build an environment where teams feel connected and informed.

Photo gallery
Team profile pages
Communication and collaboration

Break down silos and promote effective communication and collaboration across your team.

Alerts and notifications
Slack and Teams integrations
Team directory and org chart
Efficiency and productivity

Build customized forms and automated workflows that simplify internal processes, and ensure timely action.

Automated workflows
Lending application intake
Customized forms with FormFlow
Policy management
Knowledge management

Our advanced search tools, quick links, and navigation ensure your financial policies and procedures are just a click away.

Customizable search and navigation
Integrated cloud storage
Content review tool
Product fast facts
Compliance and risk management

Keep your staff informed and security compliant with ThoughtFarmer’s Required Reading. Easily store, update, and track risk management content.

Required reading
Customizable group types
Fraud alerts
Central knowledge repository

We play nice with the tools you already use

Bring unity and efficiency to your digital workplace.

Experience pays dividends.
Low risk. High reward.

High Reward

When it comes to launching your new intranet, you’re not alone. ThoughtFarmer is your partner with a deep understanding of unique credit union challenges and goals.

Our Professional Services experts bring the knowledge your credit union needs to launch your new intranet smoother and faster.

With ThoughtFarmer’s Professional Services team, you’re leaning on our experience and reducing your risk to ensure your intranet will be a huge success.

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Take the first step towards a new intranet

Book a call with our industry experts to discover how ThoughtFarmer can revolutionize your business processes.