Live Webinar: 5-Steps to Measuring the Success of Your New Intranet


Are you kicking off a new intranet project? How will you know if your new intranet is successful? What should you measure? Where should you start?

Well-designed intranet metrics will give your project a clear purpose and help your team secure a budget. In a 30-minute webinar, Chris McGrath (ThoughtFarmer Co-founder) will demonstrate this process and show actual results from a recent intranet launch we did with College Possible. Whether you’re a ninja with analytics or someone who’s terrified of numbers, this webinar will give you the framework for designing meaningful, actionable metrics.

Our 5-step process is simple:

  1. Determine your business objectives
  2. Create a KPI for each objective
  3. Consolidate
  4. Implement
  5. Report

Date: Wednesday June 3, 2015

Time: 8:30AM Pacific / 11:30AM Eastern / 4:30PM UK / 17:30 EU

Intended Audience: This webinar covers the strategy and process for designing metrics, as opposed to focusing on tools and tactics. We encourage anyone interested in intranet measurement to join, particularly those who are starting a new intranet project in the next 12-18 months.

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ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2015: Winners in the Most Innovative Category

Looking for some fresh ideas on how you can make your intranet more innovative? The winners of the Most Innovative Intranet for 2015 might provide you with the inspiration you need.

Last week we profiled winners in the Best Looking category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week we will look at our clients who used ThoughtFarmer to solve unique business challenges, and surprised us with their innovation.

Congratulations to LaSalle College and INSURICA, who are our winners in the Most Innovative category!

WINNER, Most Innovative Intranet: LaSalle College

  • Industry: Education
  • Region: Montreal, Quebec (locations worldwide)
  • Employees: 1,700
  • Intranet Name: AGORA

With 120 full time teachers completing paid Research and Development projects, managing the projects, hours and approvals through Excel took countless hours. Using a ThoughtFarmer customization, LaSalle now tracks all of their hours throughout the year using AGORA. This system allows teachers to enter their project’s title, description, amount of hours and collaborators into a personalized page under their program. This system also allows LaSalle to summarize all hours completed by teachers in eight different categories.

For the Academic Dean and Program Directorate, it is easy to track the completion of projects. With one click an Excel report is generated that can target a specific teacher, program or the whole college. This system ensures an efficient management of the Research and Development budget. Because of LaSalle’s innovative tracking system and the results it garnered, they are the winner of the Most Innovative Intranet for 2015!

LaSalle College_ Cropped 1

The ThoughtFarmer customization allows LaSalle to summarize all R&D projects by teacher, program and category.

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ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2015: Winners in the Best Looking Category

The votes are in, and the winners have been selected for our annual ThoughtFarmer’s Best Intranet competition. This year we had a lot of amazing submissions that inspired us, and conference attendees, with new ideas on how to use ThoughtFarmer. Our clients entered their intranets in three categories: Best Looking, Most Innovative, and Best Collaboration. All submissions were also entered into a draw to win an iPad. Before we profile the winners of the Best Looking category, we are happy to announce the winner of the draw. Mount Nittany Health is the winner of an Apple iPad! Congratulations, Mount Nittany Health!

We also want to congratulate the winners in our Best Looking category. Today we will profile ACCA and RS Investments.

200-honorable-winner-best-lookingWINNER, Best Looking Intranet: ACCA

  • Industry: Accounting
  • Region: Worldwide (headquarters in London, England)
  • Employees: 1,800
  • Intranet Name: Arthur

Design is more than colours and logos, it is about telling a meaningful story. ACCA personified their company’s first president, Arthur Priddle, when they created their social intranet. They brought their brand to life by turning Arthur into a person. Arthur has a profile in the employee directory and communicates with staff. Complete with a top hat and a moustache, he provides ACCA’s 1,800 users with a one-source gateway to news and information in a personable way. This is the most deeply integrated branding we have ever seen, which is why ACCA is the recipient for the 2015 Best Looking intranet award.

Arthur Screenshot

ACCA also has a second intranet called Ethel. Ethel, named after ACCA’s first female member, is used solely by their council members.

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Project Planning 101: Part Two – Building Your Intranet Implementation Team

So you bought an intranet, now what? This article is the second of a three part series providing tips on how to run a smooth and successful intranet project.

Project Planning 101 Park 2 Hero

In Part I, we discussed Determining Project Deliverables and Using an Intranet Project Checklist. The next step in intranet implementation is resourcing.

Assembling Your Team 

Building the right team is a critical component to launching a successful intranet. When materializing your team, there are four fundamental questions to ask yourself:

  • Representation: Which departments need to be represented on your intranet team?
  • Team distribution: Is the intranet team located in the same office/city? Or are the distributed across different cities, locations, or time zones?
  • Resourcing: Does this team have dedicated time to work on your intranet project? What amount of time will people have to work on it?
  • Accountability: Who is leading the project? Who is ultimately accountable?

The RACI Matrix

A helpful tool we recommend our clients use when determining their project team is a RACI matrix. What is a RACI matrix you might be ask? Well, it is a neat tool you can use to clearly define the roles and responsibilities within your team. By creating a RACI, you can avoid any confusion over those roles and responsibilities throughout the project. RACI stands for:

  • Responsible: This is the person who does the work to achieve the task. They have the responsibility for getting the work done. As a general rule this is one person; e.g. a business analyst, a project manager, a developer, or a graphic designer.
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Project Planning 101: Part One – Determining Project Deliverables & Using An Intranet Project Checklist

So you bought an intranet, now what? This article is the first of a three part series providing tips on how to run a smooth and successful intranet project.

Project Planning 101-Part 1-Hero

Launching your intranet can be a big challenge. Fortunately, we have some advice on how you can break your implementation project down into digestible steps.

Begin With Your Intranet Goals

Before you purchased your new intranet software, you and your team probably asked yourselves: why do we need a new intranet? The answer to this question is your overarching business objective. If you need a refresher, you can revisit our Determining Your Business Objectives blog post.

Turn Intranet Goals into Project Deliverables

Your intranet goals will answer the question: why? Your intranet project deliverables will answer the question: how? There are five questions we came up with that are loosely based off of an article called Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy, by Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley. These questions are designed to help you determine how you will achieve your project planning objectives.

  1. What are the goals or the objectives your team has set for your new intranet?
  2. What conditions are needed in order for you and your team to meet the objectives you have established for your intranet?
  3. What do I need to do to make these conditions come true?
  4. What can get in the way of these conditions becoming true?
  5. What is your plan to deal with, even anticipate these potential setbacks?

We will illustrate with a fictitious example for one intranet objective.

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Intranet Tip: Simplify Onboarding with a New Hire Checklist


In brief: Streamline onboarding processes with a simple checklist to help new hires get everything they need quickly.


Processes don’t need to be complicated to be effective. Vantage Airport Group, an innovative airport management company, frequently has new employees join their team. To make sure every new hire gets the equipment and access they need, Vantage created a simple checklist that shows each step, with an owner, and a current status. Using ThoughtFarmer’s ‘duplicate’ feature, the checklist can be used over and over again, to help each new employee onboard quickly.

Screenshot Checklist-tip28

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Last Chance: Register now for ThoughtSummit 2015 and Save

Stay fresh and get inspired with two exciting days of intranets, networking, and learning.


Stay at the forefront of social enterprise technology and learn how you can leverage ThoughtFarmer to truly make a difference in your organization. Join us for two inspiring days in Vancouver, BC on May 4-5.


Dave Gray, Keynote Speaker

Organizational change programs are usually driven from the top. You are more likely somewhere in the middle, and often you don’t have the executive support you need to drive change. So what can you do? The answer is, a lot more than you probably think. Dave Gray, a veteran of many change initiatives, will show you how to get to the heart of change, lead from the middle, and change hearts and minds—maybe even your own.

Steve Crescenzo, Keynote Speaker

In this fun session, Steve will feature case studies from companies large and small to show you How to use your existing online communications channels to reach, motivate, and engage your workforce—even if you don’t a huge intranet team or a giant budget. Steve had been voted the number one seminar leader for the IABC Global Conference three years in a row.


Capilano Bridge

Plus, included as a complimentary part of the conference, we’ll explore one of British Columbia’s most magnificent outdoor attractions — the Capilano Suspension Bridge.


Last chance offer! Register before April 17 to save $200 using code LASTCHANCE. Limited tickets remain, and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Plus, bring two or more team members to enjoy group ticket savings.

Learn more and register


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Intranet Tip: Help Employees Discover Trending Content

Help Employees Discover Trending Content

In brief: ACCA encourages employees to explore relevant content by showcasing trending topics.

ACCA, the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants, made it easier for employees to keep their fingers on the pulse of the organization. The Trending Portlet is featured on the home page, and automatically highlights popular intranet content based on likes and freshness. Small engagement features, like this one, add up to make an enjoyable intranet experience.

ACCA uses a trending portlet to showcase hot topics

Interested in getting the Trending Portlet for your own intranet? ThoughtFarmer clients can download and install the portlet from our support site.

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ThoughtFarmer 2015 Best Intranet Competition: Win an iPad



Is your ThoughtFarmer Intranet beautiful? Innovative? Collaborative? Then you should enter the Fourth Annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Competition!

Best Intranet Competition - Win an iPadWe encourage everyone to submit their solutions, regardless of your company size or your intranet budget (sometimes the most lean, MacGyver-esque solution is the most effective!). All submissions will be entered into a draw to win an iPad!

Award and iPad winners will be announced at ThoughtSummit 2015. Even if you’re not attending the conference, you are still eligible to win! We will also be sharing all the winners on a Best Intranet Webinar in May.

There are three categories: Best-looking. Most innovative. And Best Collaboration.


Learn More & Enter

Entry deadline extended! You have until midnight on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 to submit.

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