Live Webinar: Best Intranet Awards 2016


Are you looking for some inspiration to make your intranet better looking, more innovative, more collaborative, or more impactful? In this 30-minute webinar we will present our annual Best Intranet Awards recipients, and show you all of the amazing submissions we received. Our clients entered their intranets in four categories:

  • Best Looking
  • Most Innovative
  • Best Collaboration
  • Biggest Impact

Join us to gain valuable insight and learn best practices by seeing what ThoughtFarmer clients are doing with their intranets.

Are you an existing client?
When: Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST / 16:30 UK



Are you evaluating ThoughtFarmer?
When: Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST / 16:30 UK


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Recorded Webinar: Introducing ThoughtFarmer 8.1 Satsuma!


A refreshingly engaging intranet—introducing ThoughtFarmer 8.1 Satsuma!

Engagement isn’t one-way email blasts, long-form surveys, and strategic vision documents. Engagement starts with listening to employees, involving them in decisions, and empowering them to take ownership of their work. Engagement isn’t something you can create on your own, it truly takes a village.

ThoughtFarmer 8.1 Satsuma is full of rich tools that help employees take charge of their own productivity and engagement, so you can design the workplace of the future, together.

This webinar is now complete, you can view the recording here: 

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2016 Best Intranet Awards Competition!


Is your ThoughtFarmer intranet beautiful? Innovative? Collaborative? Impactful? Then you should enter the fifth annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards competition.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate the success of your intranet. Get recognized for your contributions to employee engagement, company culture, and internal communications. Plus, category winners will receive public recognition on our website, as well as a $100 Amazon gift card.

We encourage everyone to submit their solutions, regardless of your company size or your intranet budget (sometimes the most lean, MacGyver-esque solution is the most effective!). As a bonus for entering, all submissions will also be entered in a draw to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Winners will be announced during the Best Intranet Awards webinar in October.



Is your ThoughtFarmer intranet beautiful? Submit a screenshot and it will be judged solely on its aesthetic appeal.

Our 2015 winner, ACCA, brought their brand to life by personifying the company’s first president, Arthur Priddle. Complete with a top hat and a moustache, it’s the most deeply integrated branding we’ve ever seen.

Most Innovative

Are you doing something unexpectedly clever with ThoughtFarmer—perhaps using the API, TIK, or other integration? Take a screenshot and tell us about it.

Our 2015 winner, LaSalle College, solved the problem of teachers spending countless hours managing projects, hours, and approvals through excel with a simple, yet effective custom integration.

Best Collaboration

thoughtfarmer-illustrations-cannon-01Has your ThoughtFarmer intranet been used to collaborate on something great? Submit a series of screenshots and describe what it is.

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Recorded Webinar: 10 Key Steps to a New Intranet Solution


Are you trying replace your old, barely used intranet? Want a fresh, engaging, collaborative intranet?

Join us on August 24th to get expert advice on procurement, evaluation, and requirements for a new intranet solution. We’ve condensed 18 years of experience and hundreds of intranet installs into a concise, easy-to-follow 10-step process.

This webinar will help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I align intranet objectives with business goals?
  • How do I write intranet requirements that will deliver on my objectives?
  • How do I evaluate different intranet vendors and ensure their product matches my needs?

This webinar is a companion piece to our Intranet Buyers Workbook. We recommend downloading and reviewing the guide prior to attending the webinar. Whether you ultimately decide to get ThoughtFarmer or another intranet solution, this webinar will make sure you have the right foundation for selecting and implementing a successful intranet solution.

This webinar is now complete, view the recording:

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Intranet Tip: Are Employees Ignoring Your Communications?


In brief: Invigorate stale content by incorporating video into your communications to get employees to read more.


According to Ragan, content with visuals gets 94 per cent more views than plain text1. Hear from Piksel’s marketing and communications team how your organization can use video to humanize a stale webpage or a formal letter from your CEO.

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Detecting Bugs and Ensuring Quality: What it’s like to do a co-op at ThoughtFarmer

What does it take to launch a high-quality, bug-free enterprise application? Carmen Zhuang got to find out first hand during her co-op term at ThoughtFarmer. Over the last seven months, she worked alongside our awesome team to detect bugs and strengthen the quality of our social intranet product. As she leaves ThoughtFarmer to pursue the rest of her Computer Science degree, here is what Carmen had to say about her experience.


What was your  experience like at ThoughtFarmer?

My internship at ThoughtFarmer was great. As a new member joining the team with no prior knowledge of the product or work experience, everyone was welcoming and eager to help. Working in an office is very different than being in school. It was fun to come into work and focus on one task for a length of time. Being able to collaborate with hardworking and talented people helped me learn a lot over the last seven months.

What did you learn?

January was an exciting time to be hired on at ThoughtFarmer. They were about to launch version 8 of their software which included a number of big enhancements. Changes were made to the edit and gallery pages, so I was able to learn how to manually test those for bugs. Working on these projects taught me a lot about what aspects need to be tested and what details I should pay attention to when writing regression tests.

Would you recommend doing a co-op at ThoughtFarmer to other students?

I would totally recommend doing a co-op here.

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Video Intranet Tip: Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

Let technology do the heavy lifting

In brief: Increase employee productivity by integrating your organization’s technology platforms with the intranet.


With a small team, its important to help employees accomplish as much as possible in the least amount of time. Hear from Tarley Jordan, Global Marketing Communications Director, how Piksel streamlines their processes by integrating existing technology platforms with the intranet.



>>Watch on Wistia

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How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

33754476 - close up of businessmans hand holding megaphone over dark background with copy space

lot of time and effort goes into building a strong corporate brand. Great advertising, strong public relations outreach, active social media management and a dedicated customer service plan all go into developing a brand.

But there’s no better contributor to brand building than having an engaged workforce who are enthusiastic ambassadors for your company. Your employees might not realize it, but they are actively promoting or devaluing your company’s values, missions and goals every single time they share information in public, whether that be through personal contact or on social media.

To safeguard and build your brand, you need to realize that employees have an impact beyond their traditional job roles and ensure they are contributing as positive ambassadors. Reputation and positive brand image can’t be faked, especially when it comes to interactions between your employees and customers or the public.

Here’s how you can create a passionate workforce that proudly represents your company.


Open communication and transparency from you will go a long way to building similar traits in employees. Studies have shown that effective communication and openness about company goals, performance, and the contribution of individual successes to the business as a whole all make workers bullish on their company’s future.


Well-branded companies understand the utility of an employee recognition program. But it’s not about monetary or in-kind rewards. You need to create an environment in which your workers feel enriched and positive. Internal communication platforms like intranets allow employees to connect with one another, share their stories, celebrate successes, and feel part of a community.

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The Secrets to a Successful Flexible Workplace

tech and coffee

We are always connected. Through online and mobile technology, we are always just one click away from our emails, social media and co-workers.

This has created a huge cultural shift where businesses expect employees to be engaged and available “off-the-clock”; after all, responding to an email is as easy as checking your phone. This shift has also led to a new expectation of creating a work/life balance, that has increased the demand for flexible working environments and remote employment. The lines between home life and work life have blurred significantly.

This means the “average” workplace has changed significantly since the nine-to-five era. Currently, 50 per cent of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least some sort of flexible work capability, and between 80 and 90 per cent of the workforce expresses a desire to utilize remote working in at least a part time capacity. This tonal shift has happened with Fortune 1000 companies around the globe, including well-known companies like Apple, American Express, Amazon and General Electric. At this point, it’s not a matter of IF your company should be implementing a flexible work policy, but HOW.

Let go of preconceived notions of productivity

One of the biggest misconceptions with flexible workspaces or remote working is that it is less effective or efficient than a traditional office environment. While there is a risk of employees abusing the system, more often than not, many employees thrive in an environment void of the distraction of inefficient meetings and interruptions during the day.

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Intranet Tip: How to Use your Intranet for Crisis Management

How to use your intranet for crisis management

In brief: Use the intranet to centralize information during a crisis to ensure employees are informed and know their role in addressing stakeholders.


During a crisis, make your employees ambassadors for the organization by arming them with accurate and up-to-date information. A great way to keep staff informed is through your intranet. Three ways your organization can use the intranet effectively for crisis management are:

  1. Share news with employees first: Don’t let them read it in the newspaper. Posting something on the intranet 5-15 minutes before the news is released will help employees feel included, understand the reasons for decisions, and be able to answer questions effectively.
  2. Keep employees constantly informed: Use the intranet to post frequent updates. This will help to manage misinformation and misperceptions, and ensure staff knows their role in addressing the crisis1.
  3. Document crisis management procedures: Crises are stressful, which makes it easy to forget what protocol is, or even where to find it. Document it clearly on the intranet, and make sure everyone knows where the information lives.

How to use your intranet for crisis management

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