At ThoughtFarmer, we're more than a leading intranet platform. We're your partner in making work better. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to help employees share knowledge, stay informed, and feel connected.

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We believe that a strong digital workplace can transform the way organizations operate, and we're here to make that vision a reality.

With our award-winning software, we make it effortless for companies to customize, deploy, and maintain a modern intranet that fosters high adoption and engagement.

Whether your team is remote, hybrid, or in-office, we understand the challenges you face in building culture and streamlining communication. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with a digital community that empowers collaboration and strengthens connections.

Our story 

Let us take you back to where it all began. Over 15 years ago, our founders, Darren Gibbons and Gordon Ross, were running a successful design and technology consultancy, OXD. This company’s focus was (and still is) creating user-centered solutions to solve complex problems for their clients. It was during this time that they received a special request from a large enterprise: they needed a web-based platform that would enable employees to share project information and collaborate internally.

The resulting intranet solution was a game-changer, delighting the client and sparking interest from other organizations seeking a similar solution. It was then that Darren and Gordon realized they had the opportunity to create something bigger—a separate business dedicated to revolutionizing intranet software. And thus, ThoughtFarmer was born.

Customer success is our fuel

Today, with hundreds of satisfied customers under our belt, we continue to be a prominent player in the intranet software market. What sets us apart is our commitment to being self-funded and consistently profitable, allowing us to focus entirely on serving our clients' needs. We take immense pride in the passionate support we offer, ensuring industry-leading customer success and satisfaction.


Values that guide everything we do

We do great work.
Detail and quality matter to us.

We are human-centric.
We create better outcomes by understanding the needs of others.

We are kind.
We are thoughtful and consider our impact on others.

We play as a team.
We make life better for those around us.

We evolve.
We grow in small, deliberate steps.


Our people

Our team of exceptional individuals embody these values everyday with kindness, curiosity, and specialized expertise. Meet the people who strive to make work better.