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The workplace has evolved. Has your communication?

Internal communication is evolving as organizations become more dispersed and globalized. ThoughtFarmer intranet software keeps employees informed, connected, and productive no matter what the scenario.

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The heart of your hybrid workplace

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The heart of your hybrid workplace

Whether your workplace is on-site, remote, or a hybrid of both, ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software keeps your employees productive, informed, and engaged.

Why ThoughtFarmer

Everything you need in an intranet

Let’s make work better. ThoughtFarmer empowers communication teams with flexible content management tools, powerful search capabilities, and engaging collaboration features.

The best intranet software for every business challenge

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Create a beautiful intranet without specialized design skills.

ThoughtFarmer is the best intranet software for anyone—regardless of skill level—to design and build a beautiful and user-friendly intranet. No need for developers, designers, or technical experts.

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Publish content and keep it organized. Zero technical obstacles, zero mess.

A great intranet is only as strong as its content. ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software makes it simple to create, manage, and maintain amazing content.

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Communicate across your organization with confidence, knowing that everyone is getting the right message at the right time.

ThoughtFarmer’s is the best intranet to connect and communicate with all employees, whether deskless, remote, or in-office.

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Access your entire intranet on iOS and Android, natively.

All your intranet’s content and features—even management and administration tools—are on the native mobile app, without compromising on user experience.

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Digitize your organization's forms and business processes without writing a single line of code.

FormFlow helps streamline your processes, boost your efficiency, and allow you to accomplish more, faster. Create custom forms that capture data with an approval process, or share structured data on your intranet quickly and easily.

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ThoughtFarmer integrates with the tools that help your business run

Thoughtfarmer Integrations
ThoughtFarmer integrates with the tools that help your business run

ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software comes with pre-built integrations to industry leading authentication, file management, and banking systems such as Google Drive, Office 365, Box, Sharepoint, Okta, and Silvercloud.

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“ThoughtFarmer intranet is intuitive, customizable, easy to use and has tons of helpful functionality!”

Jessica Blevins
Senior Information Management Director at LPK

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