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Our story

Who we are and what we do

Our Story


Our vision

Our journey is directed by one vision: to make every great company the best place to work. We stand firm in our belief that every employee is entitled to clarity, context, and connection. It’s these principles that shape our software, serving both us and our customers alike.

With our software, getting your own intranet up and running is a breeze—and yep, people actually love using it.

Whether your team is spread out remotely, working in a hybrid style, or mostly at the office, we’ve got your back. We know the hurdles of keeping everyone in sync and feeling connected.

So, we’re here to hand you the digital tools that make teamwork a walk in the park and keeps everyone feeling connected.

We truly believe in the magic of the digital workplace. It’s transformative, and we want to bring that transformation to you.

How it all started

17 years ago, Darren Gibbons and Gordon Ross were at the helm of OXD, a design and technology consultancy on a mission: creating user-centered solutions that solved complex problems, and made new experiences possible. A large enterprise approached them, asking for a platform where their employees could share project information and collaborate internally.

What they built wasn’t just an intranet; it was a turning point. Suddenly, other companies wanted something similar. That’s when it clicked for Darren and Gordon: they were onto something special. The next chapter? Launching ThoughtFarmer and changing the intranet game.

What drives us? Happy customers.

Today, with hundreds of satisfied customers under our belt, we continue to make our mark in the intranet software world. What’s unique about us? We’re self-funded and consistently profitable, allowing us to stay laser-focused on customer needs instead of investors. We’re genuinely proud of the passionate support we offer, ensuring our customers always feel valued and heard.

Our values guide everything we do

We do great work.
Detail and quality matter to us.

We are human-centric.
We create better outcomes by understanding the needs of others.

We are kind.
We are thoughtful and consider our impact on others.

We play as a team.
We make life better for those around us.

We evolve.
We grow in small, deliberate steps.

Experience the ThoughtFarmer difference

Take the first step towards creating a better intranet.