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ThoughtFarmer Features

Industry-leading Intranet software packed with over 225 features.

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Content management

Content is at the heart of every solid intranet strategy. ThoughtFarmer makes it easy for anyone to post relevant news or updates.

Media management

Good content isn’t restricted to text. Media like images and video are a great way to engage employees while telling a story.

Employee Communication

Get your message out and keep your teams informed with global news publishing, group news, broadcasts, notifications, @mentions, required reading, updates and shout-outs.

Employee Engagement

How do you consistently keep employees returning to their intranet? ThoughtFarmer’s employee engagement features ensure your intranet achieves and sustains high adoption.

Team Collaboration

Enhance teamwork with collaborative content and document editing, group engagement, news sharing, interactive discussions, and streamlined multi-person workflow processes.

Business Processes

Streamline your productivity with our powerful, proprietary FormFlow tool to digitize business processes, so that they are all integrated within your intranet for easy access and efficiency.

All of our features in one place

Your intranet journey starts here! Get our complete feature guide now and start dreaming about your perfect intranet.