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Knowledge Management

Imagine all your organization’s knowledge in one organized, searchable, easy-to-access place

Knowledge Management
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ThoughtFarmer’s platform is not only easy to use but the quality of the customer service is top-notch. They are efficient and quick to resolve any questions/issues that come up. ”
Victoria R.
Digital Communications Specialist
Knowledge Management One Place

Everything in one place

Access news, announcements, documents, policies and procedures, benefits info, and media resources, all in one location.
Knowledge Management Always Current

Always current, always relevant

Keep intranet content fresh and accurate with automatic archiving and regular content reviews assigned to different team members.
Knowledge Management Search

Search that gets results

Find what you need now, whether it’s the right person, the right info, or the right document.
Distanced Multiethnic Group Of People Focused Working On Their Laptops In A Modern Coworking

Shared knowledge is better

Help your teams help each other by sharing information. One search bar gets results from the intranet, cloud drives, and external data sources.
Knowledge Management Anyone Can Surf

Anyone can surf the web

Quick to learn and easy-to-navigate, our intuitive website-like interface means your entire team can contribute to your knowledge base.
Knowledge Management 100% Uptime

100% uptime, 0% worries

We take care of the hosting, you take care of the content. With 100% guaranteed uptime, you don’t have to worry about the intranet being down.

Want your coworkers giving you high fives?

Supply them with a simple, intuitive intranet that makes sharing and finding knowledge the best part of their job.
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Corinne Kirtland
Account Executive

Experience the
ThoughtFarmer difference

Our customers agree that ThoughtFarmer improves knowledge management within their organization

Knowledge management features

iOS and Android apps

Access the intranet on your phone from anywhere.

Intuitive content editing

Create and edit pages without having to learn code.

Intuitive website structure

Navigate the intranet like you’re browsing a website.


Left-hand navigation orients and connects you to your place on the intranet.

Powerful search

Effective search finds what you need on the intranet and in shared drives simultaneously.

Scoped search

Search just a section of the intranet, or narrow it down based on person, date or content type.

Search like you think

Make employees’ lives easier with find-as-you-type search and custom search results.

Content templates

Templates make creating different types of content a breeze.

Document libraries

Access documents, images, and videos on your intranet and in integrated cloud drives with ease.

free white paper

Effective knowledge management starts with an effective IA.

Lenczer Slaught-Hero
Success Story

Learn how Lenczner Slaght gathered all their company legal knowledge together into one dynamic knowledge hub.

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Find out how a ThoughtFarmer intranet will simplify knowledge management for you.