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10 Award Winning Intranets

Ever wonder what makes an intranet award-winning? Ever wonder what makes an intranet so incredible that employees keep going back to it every single day?

Our collection of Inspiring Intranets promises to provide all the motivation you need to launch, transform, or elevate your intranet.
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10 Award Winning ThoughtFarmer Intranets 10 Award Winning Intranets Inside Spread

Intranet excellence: Lessons from the world's best Intranets

Discover the ingenuity of our customers through the ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards. Showcasing categories like design, impact, and innovation, these awards highlight creative solutions to organizational challenges using intranets. Get ready to be inspired!


  • Learn about fostering diversity and inclusion through unique intranet features
  • Understand the impact of personalization in intranets, from mascots to custom icons
  • Discover how companies use their intranet as a unique knowledge hub