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Supercharge your intranet with seamless Microsoft integration

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Get the most from your Microsoft investment with a fully integrated, streamlined user experience

Get the best of both worlds with an intranet that delivers best-in-class communications and collaboration combined with direct access to all information stored on Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint Online.

ThoughtFarmer’s Microsoft Teams integration also allows you to simultaneously broadcast to your Teams channels, automate notifications, and allow people to search the intranet from Teams.
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You have questions. We have answers.

Yes, our integration allows you to access any drive that you own, or any drive that you’ve been granted permission to access.

Yes, you can embed any type of file or folder that is stored on either Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint Online. This includes but is not limited to: documents, images, sound or video files, as well as dedicated Microsoft files such as docs, sheets, forms or slides.

No. The file you’re working with will still be stored in its original location. The same holds true when embedding folders.

Yes, embedding a folder will display the structure and directory of that folder.

Yes, users will need to authenticate against Microsoft first, but once logged in they can search, embed and view documents the same as if the Microsoft authentication integration is enabled.

Any changes you wish to make to a OneDrive or SharePoint Online file or folder must be made within the native application first.

Yes, any changes made to a file or folder will be reflected within your ThoughtFarmer intranet upon page refresh.

Yes, the file will only be visible on your intranet to people who you have given explicit view and/or edit access to the file on OneDrive or Sharepoint Online.

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