3 Creative Intranet Launch Ideas using Video

Want to generate excitement for your intranet launch? How about a murder-mystery movie trailer that asks, “Who killed the wiki?”

That’s what our client LPK, an international design agency, did — they released this fun video to generate anticipation for the launch of their new ThoughtFarmer social intranet, “Watson”. Watch the video.

Meet Watson—LPK’s Upgraded Social Intranet from LPKdesign on Vimeo.

I thought this was hilarious!

Like any intranet team that’s spent months on a redevelopment project, LPK wanted to generate excitement and anticipation among their employees for ThoughtFarmer, the replacement for their old, tired wiki. An intranet launch video seems to have done the trick.

We’ve seen many clients enhance their intranet launch with a video. The following video launched the ThoughtFarmer intranet at LifeMARK Health, a chain of about 100 physiotherapy clinics. Watch the video.

This next video generated anticipation for the intranet launch at Penn State Outreach. It’s one of those funny overdubs of 50s television. Watch the video. You can also read the full case study on Penn State Outreach’s intranet launch.

NEO from Greer on Vimeo.

Of course, if you generate anticipation for your new intranet, it better deliver! More important than your intranet launch is whether your intranet actually makes work better for employees. Read our intranet case studies to see how ThoughtFarmer makes an impact.