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How to create an engaging intranet launch video

A launch video is one of the best ways to generate interest in a new corporate intranet. Find out how one of our customers gave their President and CEO a starring role in an entertaining video that captured the interest of their entire staff.

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intranet launch video
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Launching a new intranet is no easy feat. You need a dedicated strategy, employee buy-in, and of course, full support from your leadership. 

When ThoughtFarmer customer Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline asked us for ideas on how to best promote their new intranet, we provided them with a list of different intranet launch ideas to try. While there were many activities to choose from, one in particular got their attention: a launch video.   

“We wanted the announcement to be fun and exciting, and felt video would allow us to use our imagination. Also, our company has several locations, and sending out a video was an easy solution for us to ensure all employees could enjoy,” said Tyler McClure, Communications Specialist at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. 

Southern Star’s intranet launch video highlights all their previous intranet’s shortcomings in a humorous way. This served as a good teaser for all the new and engaging features they are about to enjoy with their new intranet. 

The true star of the video, however, is the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Staton. 

“Our company is fortunate to have leadership that is supportive and receptive to new ideas. It was very exciting to talk through the script with Jimmy and see him laugh and smile. His buy-in really helped our message succeed,” added Tyler.

No surprise the video has been an enormous success at Southern Star. In fact, it is their most viewed internal video.  

Is it the best ever intranet launch video? See for yourself below!