New eBook: 10 Steps for Buying & Evaluating Intranet Software

We’re excited to announce a new eBook: The Intranet Buyers Workbook: A Clear Path to a New Intranet.

intranet-buyers-workbook-covershot-w150-ltbeigeThe inspiration for this eBook comes from our experience with hundreds of companies engaged in the intranet purchasing process. Many of these buyers have never purchased enterprise collaboration software before. They want to make the best recommendation for their company, but feel daunted by the evaluation and decision-making process. So we gathered their frequently asked questions, combined it with our recommended approach for determining intranet strategy and requirements, and compiled it into this easy-to-use 10-step workbook.

It provides a straightforward but thorough planning, evaluation and purchase process. The 10 steps are:

  1. Determine business objectives
  2. Assemble your team
  3. Communicate your requirements
  4. Define business constraints & limitations
  5. Research your intranet vendor options
  6. Request initial demos
  7. Request free trials
  8. Conduct stakeholder demos
  9. Check vendor references
  10. Finalize purchase

It also includes checklists and worksheets to make each step of evaluating intranet software as painless as possible.

Download your copy of The Intranet Buyers Workbook.