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30 Intranet content ideas (and one cute puppy)

Content is the key to employee engagement with your intranet. We've got 30 creative intranet ideas that will get your team excited and coming back for more.

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intranet content ideas
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Intranet content writers have the responsibility of creating compelling content that grabs readers’ attention.

So, it’s understandable that marketers might resort to desperate measures to increase their engagement—like promising puppy pictures. These tactics may work in the short term, but they won’t encourage your audience to come back again and again. That’s why you need to think outside-the-box and find exciting ways to keep team members involved and engaged.

Here are 30 innovative intranet content ideas, which will help you grab your employees’ attention and keep them coming back to your intranet for more. 

Intranet content ideas

1. Surveys

Whenever someone mentions survey fatigue, we’re always quick to remind them that we absolutely love surveys. What’s better than knowing your workplace values your input? Also, every survey provides fresh new research to post to your intranet. Want to start building your first survey? Check out how to create an intranet evaluation survey

2. Policies and procedures 

All the operational changes that have occurred the last few years, leading in and out of the pandemic, have forced us to rely on our intranet more than ever before. All the resources we need to stay productive are available on our intranet. This included critical policies for things like remote work, hiring and training procedures, and brand guidelines.

3. Corporate updates 

Corporate information doesn’t have to be dry. A little bit of love can turn ‘boring’ info updates into engaging points of interest for your team. For example, a new location announcement could include a photo gallery, as well as mini-bios of the new employees.

4. Metric insights

Your intranet should have analytics that provide deep insight into your users. Why not share this data with employees? Create a round-up post that includes insights, such as popular intranet posts, most active users, and popular photo galleries. To learn more about valuable metrics you might be missing, check out 8 key intranet metrics you should be tracking.

5. Customer stories

Never underestimate the power of a good customer story. Posting customer stories helps employees understand and embrace the role they play in your organization. When employees can see their efforts directly impacting customers, it makes their work much more meaningful. Have a look at some examples of our customer success stories

6. Customer reviews

Similar to customer stories, reviews can positively impact your entire organization and should be posted on your intranet. Also, don’t be afraid to post any less-than-glowing reviews. This will help your team identify any potential areas of weakness and opportunities to improve.

7. Messages from leadership

Posts from leadership consistently get more traffic than other intranet content. Empower your leadership to create and share their own weekly or monthly messages. For more inspiration, explore PCI’s case study, and see how their President and CEO blogs every single day!  

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Intranet Use Cases

8. Product announcements

Are you communicating important product news and corporate information effectively? The worst feeling is hearing someone say “I didn’t know”, or “No one told me”. Posting this information to your intranet keeps employees in the loop about the latest product updates and announcements.

9. Employee ideas

Some of the most amazing ideas and solutions can come from the minds of your employees. Consider adding dedicated areas on your intranet to crowdsource ideas. You might be surprised by how much it can help find solutions to your organization’s biggest challenges. Plus, with our intuitive FormFlow form builder, you can quickly and easily capture data, as well share structured data with employees.

10. Jobs

The shift to remote work has enabled organizations to widen their hiring net, and bring in talent from outside their geographical region. Use your intranet to post job updates, where employees can quickly view each job posting and easily share the information with people in their network. This also provides transparency into your organization’s overall growth.

11. Anniversaries or milestones

Celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones is a fantastic way to celebrate employees. If you are like us, and operating under a hybrid workplace model, you are managing two different employee experiences. Recognizing employee milestones is a great way to help them feel appreciated as part of the team. 

12. Food

We recently asked our colleagues for some restaurant suggestions, and we couldn’t believe how fast everyone responded! Food will always be a popular topic, so consider posting local and popular restaurant options. You could even create an entire page devoted to employee recipes.

30 Intranet Content Ideas Where Should I Eat

13. Home office setups

With many people now permanently operating in either remote or hybrid settings, posting employee home office setups are a great way to unite employees and humanize our working personal workspaces.

14. New employee announcements

It’s no surprise that employee news is some of the most consumed content on our intranet. At ThoughtFarmer, every new employee is announced on our network; along with a bio, and some fun facts. It’s an engaging way for existing team members to break the ice with new employees.

30 Intranet Content Ideas Welcome New Employee Post

15. Contests 

You shouldn’t bribe your employees to read content, but there is no harm in holding healthy competitions. Why? Because everyone likes winning and getting into the competitive spirit..

Post specific questions on your intranet. This will encourage employees to scroll through and navigate your intranet site. One of our customers even created badges for taking specific action on their intranet that employees can earn. Complete your profile? Get a badge. Comment on a discussion? Another badge.

16. Employee suggestions 

If you are struggling to engage employees with the content on your intranet, ask employees what specific content they’d like to see through form submissions. Simply create a short questionnaire requesting feedback, and post it to your intranet. Just be sure to keep it concise.

17. Events

Events are a fantastic way to enhance your workplace culture. Whether it’s a virtual conference, lunch and learn session, or a company picnic, your employees need to know about it. The best way to promote these events is through your intranet, and with ThoughtFarmer you can use our calendar and events feature to also manage RSVPs .

30 Intranet Content Ideas Virtual Team Event

18. Departmental and team updates

Sharing departmental updates with the rest of the company keeps us transparent, keeps other departments informed, and provides a way to acknowledge outstanding team members and department achievements. 

19. Sales wins

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate success. Celebrating a new customer account win is more than an announcement, it’s an invaluable insight into why prospects chose you, and what features these customers are most interested in.

20. Training opportunities

Posting information about workshops, webinars, conferences, and courses is a great way to encourage education, and help position your business as one that values professional development.

21. Competitor intelligence

Competitor intelligence is invaluable information, but it’s often hidden inside email threads, shared networks, and even your employees’ heads. Whenever you identify this type of information, post it on your intranet, so all your employees can all benefit from this shared knowledge.

22. Videos

Try adding videos to your intranet to increase engagement. For example, one of our customers created an intranet launch video that highlighted their previous intranet’s shortcomings in a humorous way, while teasing all the new features their new intranet would offer. 

23. Company history

Do you know your company’s history and original mission statement? Highlighting your organization’s background story and evolution is an excellent way to help employees learn more about the ‘why’ of your business, and the culture you’re aiming to build there.

24. Blast from the past post

We have a lot of old photos kicking around, like the one below. These are great for not only providing some entertainment for your team, but also as a positive reminder of just how far you’ve come!

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Early customer visit in Japan.

25. Company goal updates and progress

Create a section on your intranet where your quarterly/annual KPIs, goals, and other metrics are stored and updated. Transform this data into a visual chart whenever possible, so employees can easily visualize the progress your company is making, as well as any potential areas of concern.

26. Town hall recaps

Town hall meetings are a fantastic way to keep employees informed and connected inside your organization. Since not every employee will be able to make every meeting, it makes sense to record them and post them on your intranet for employees to access at their earliest convenience.

27. Trivia

What month has the most team member birthdays? Who has traveled to the most countries? There’s no shortage of fun facts to share about your company, projects, or employees. Trivia is a phenomenal way to encourage familiarity and camaraderie within your intranet.

28. Social media chats

You may wish your employees were more engaged on your corporate social media channels, but they may not always be aware of these posts and discussions. Adding these channels to your intranet helps keep employees in-the-loop on social media discussions, product reviews, customers concerns, and the latest blog posts. ThoughtFarmer makes it easy to integrate social media into your intranet.

29. Branding standards

Brand guidelines are one of the most important assets on your intranet. Keeping branding assets accessible on your intranet ensures that the latest versions are available for all design related projects. It also makes it easier to enforce branding standards within your team.

30. Surprise—puppies!

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to include some adorable puppy pics! We have an entire intranet page devoted to the furry friends of ThoughtFarmer employees. And we can assure you, the page gets consistent traffic. Read more about posting engaging pet galleries here.

Now, as promised, enjoy a picture of this adorable puppy! That’s what we’d call a win for everyone. 

intranet content
Pickle, the adorable puppy of our Director of Customer Success. You can follow pickle on Instagram @pickletheaussalier

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