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Case study: How JD Bank’s intranet eliminated email reliance and served as a single source of information

Without the right communication platform, information can easily become buried and outdated. See how a Louisiana-based bank empowered their employees with a new intranet.

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JD Bank
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When Louisiana-based JD Bank began seeking a new intranet platform, their company information and content was hosted on a Joomla-based intranet and it was quickly becoming outdated.

The existing intranet was difficult to support and not user-friendly. This made it complicated for employees to quickly locate and update necessary information.

Most of the roles at JD Bank are dependent on quick access to information. This includes departmental information, forms, procedures, links, resources, and current news.

“It was becoming obvious that we needed a centralized source for all employees to access consistent information and resources throughout the organization,” said David Wallace, Network Administrator for JD Bank.

While searching for a new solution, the team at JD Bank reviewed several options, which included ThoughtFarmer. After due diligence ThoughtFarmer was selected for its rich feature set and transparent pricing structure.

Since deploying ThoughtFarmer, employees now have instant access to news when it happens and a streamlined system accessing information necessary for job performance.

Case study

Learn how JD Bank leveraged their intranet to elevate company culture and improve their customer service.

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JD Bank