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Want immediate intranet engagement? Try an intranet poll.

If you're struggling to get employees to engage with your intranet platform, consider implementing intranet polls as a way to encourage participation and feedback.

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One of the great things about using our own product at ThoughtFarmer is that we get to witness in real-time what works best for increasing intranet adoption and engagement. 

Case in point: Polls. 

I am always amazed by how much interaction and engagement our polls get, whether they are to gather feedback on events or office topics, or fun polls such as these questions recently posted on our intranet: 

If you were handed the following summer drink menu, which would be your first drink of choice? 

Which of these would bring you the most joy to have on or near your desk?

Which skill or talent would you be interested in learning from a friendly coworker?

The answer options had a creative spin that made the questions extra engaging and fun to think about. These definitely get people onto our intranet! People always want to know how others responded which they can view right after submitting their answer.

Here’s everything you need to know about intranet polls, and how you can use them to your advantage. 

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Why intranet polls?

Intranet adoption and engagement are crucial for any organization. However, it’s not always easy to get employees to use the intranet regularly. That’s where intranet polls come in. 

Intranet polls are a quick and easy way to collect feedback and opinions from employees. They can be used to gather information on a variety of topics such as new product ideas, employee satisfaction, or company events. 

How intranet polls increase engagement

By creating quick and easy polls on your intranet, you can gather feedback from employees, get a better understanding of their needs and preferences, and make informed decisions that improve their overall workplace experience. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of using intranet polls to increase employee engagement and provide some tips on how to create effective polls that will get your employees excited and engaged.

Employees feel heard

When employees are asked to participate in polls, they feel valued and heard. It shows that their opinions matter, and the company is interested in their feedback. This can lead to increased engagement with their intranet because employees are more likely to return to see the results of the poll or to participate in future polls.

Polls create a sense of community

Polls can also create a sense of community among employees. When employees see the results of the polls, they can see how their opinions compare to others in the organization. This can create a sense of belonging and encourage employees to engage with the intranet more frequently.

Polls provide insight into employee preferences

Intranet polls can provide valuable insight into employee preferences and opinions. This information can be used to make informed decisions about company policies, products, and events. When employees see that their opinions are being considered, they are more likely to engage with the intranet platform.

Polls encourage two-way communication

Intranet polls encourage two-way communication between employees and management. When employees participate in polls, they can see that their feedback is being considered by management. This can lead to more open communication and collaboration, which can further increase engagement with the intranet platform.

As you can see, intranet polls are an effective way to increase intranet adoption and engagement. They provide employees with a voice, create a sense of community, provide valuable insight into employee preferences, and encourage two-way communication. 

If you’re struggling to get employees to engage with your intranet platform, consider implementing intranet polls as a way to encourage participation and feedback. For inspiration on what to include in your next poll, check out this post from Indeed on 100 Fun Polls and Entertaining Questions for Work Events.

Polls are just one of the many intranet features ThoughtFarmer offers. Check out our full feature list.