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Most Innovative Intranet 2018: MedData

The winners have been selected for the 2018 Best Intranet Awards! In this post we profile the winner of the Most Innovative category, MedData.

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As the winner of our Innovation category in the 2018 ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards, MedData amazed and inspired us with what they were able to create. From gamification elements to customized sounds to a unique news digest, they took innovation to a whole new level (Read the detailed Case Study here).

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How MedData created a unique, engaging, and customized intranet

MedData is a healthcare technology company that helps hospitals enhance the patient experience. Like many other healthcare organizations, people are at the centre of what they do. It was therefore important for MedData to acquire an intranet that connected their employees to the resources they needed to effectively do their jobs.

When MedData deployed ThoughtFarmer in 2016, they were excited to take advantage of all the customization opportunities available. This level of personalization helped them align the intranet with their corporate objectives and playful culture. It also helped them find creative and innovative ways for employees to discover and leverage all the tools they required to be successful in their roles.

MedData named their healthcare intranet Pulse (we love the name, too!). One of the first things they did was incorporate gamification elements. They created customized badges for employees who completed certain activities on the intranet. This spurred immediate adoption after launch and encouraged engagement.

They also used Pulse to create a patient advocate resources section for on-site hospital staff. This allowed MedData employees to easily place orders for things like uniforms and patient brochures. “Pulse allows us to not only maintain a centralized location for all of our resources, it also allows us to be creative with HOW we offer them,” said Rachel Rahm, Digital Marketing Manager at MedData.

MedData even customized the sounds on their intranet. By working closely with the ThoughtFarmer team they were able to alert employees with various notification sounds. For example, a “Ho Ho Ho” during the winter holidays, and a sound of a turkey gobbling during Thanksgiving. And, just in case employees didn’t enjoy the harmonies, there was always an option to mute them.

What really stole our hearts was how fun they made their intranet. By personalizing and customizing Pulse, they transformed their intranet into a fun and engaging site that employees had a reason to continually access.