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History of Internal Communication in the Workplace

Curious as to how we have evolved internal communication in the workplace? This infographic looks back at over 100 years of employee communication.

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history of internal communication
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What was internal communication like when our great-great grandparents were young? Was office communication in the 1960’s really how it was depicted in Mad Men? And will robots take over internal communications in the next ten years? 

From the industrial revolution to the development of the office, the way we communicate in the workplace has, and will continue to change over time. 

Here’s a look back at the history of internal communication in the workplace, and some clever strategies some organizations have taken:

From handwritten memos in the 1800s to Mad Men's 1960s office buzz and the AI-driven platforms of today, the evolution of workplace communication reveals not just how we've progressed, but where we might be heading next.