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Case Study: Corus Orthodontists launches intranet to manage rapid growth

Our newest case study features a growing orthodontist partnership network. Knowing they were primed for rapid growth, they sought out a solution that would work not only now, but in the future too as they expanded. 

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With over 1100 employees, Corus is one of the largest and fastest-growing orthodontist partnership networks in North America. 

In late 2020, they were on the verge of rapid growth. They were adding new doctors, practices, and members, and as we all know what works for 500 employees doesn’t work for 1000—especially when it comes to communication and culture. 

Important communication was often lost, or unread. It was also becoming increasingly difficult for employees to locate critical information, or to trust the information they found. 

But there was an even more pressing concern for Corus: Their workplace culture. 

With no centralized platform to unite their workforce, employees were disconnected from each other, and had no sense of who Corus was, what Corus stood for, and where to get the latest news.  

Learn how Corus deployed an intranet that resulted in high employee adoption, reinforced core values, and a centralized location for trusted news and information.

View the case study here