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Case Study: How a legal firm used an intranet to create an innovative knowledge hub

When the pandemic forced the closure of their office, Lenczner Slaght was forced to rely on their new virtual headquarters—their new intranet.

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It can be difficult to appreciate the value of an intranet—until you become completely dependent on it. That’s what happened to a law firm when they launched their new intranet at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby spurring company-wide adoption.

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Like many of our customers, they came to us with an existing intranet that was first built decades ago. Unfortunately, yet not surprising, over time it failed to deliver on its expectations.

“We needed an intranet that would work for our needs today and into the future,” said Lindsey Bombardier, Director, Marketing & Business Development at Lenczner Slaght.

Taking the lead in the procurement of a new intranet was the Knowledge Management (KM) team. The team reached out to several other law firms and asked for recommendations on an intranet, and quickly learned about ThoughtFarmer. Lenczner Slaght then spoke to several of ThoughtFarmer’s customers to better understand the benefits of their intranet software.

“All of the ThoughtFarmer customers we talked to spoke highly of the product including its ease of use, its ability to scale, and its implementation process,” said Lindsey.


Lenczner Slaght’s new intranet has shifted employee communication away from email and towards real-time communication. “The whole process really works. Adding real-time news to any particular practice group, client team, business function, or committee page and having it fed to the homepage, and then alerted to specific people through notifications, has been a game-changer for us,” said Lindsey.

A new intranet also allowed Lenczner Slaght to take inventory of their firm content, make important updates, consider gaps, and decide what new content was required. “It provided us with the opportunity to centralize our content and organize it in a way that allowed everyone at the firm to easily find what they needed,” added Lindsey.

Read the full case study.

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