Lights, Camera, Action: 11 ways video can bring your intranet to life


Video is a powerful and versatile tool for sharing information with employees. It can deliver just about any type of internal message, while connecting with employees on a personal level. Using today’s technology, you can easily incorporate video on your company intranet, making information accessible from any device or location. Below we’ve compiled 11 ideas that you can use to enhance your intranet communications with this vibrant and powerful tool.

Idea #1: Connect employees with the CEO and leadership team

Video has the ability to humanize important leadership messages or company updates. Keep it simple—interviews with a basic script can effectively capture important points. You can also create a CEO video blog series on your intranet which encourages open communication and builds transparency. In this video, Biz Pod’s CEO paints a clear picture of what they want to accomplish during an upcoming executive meeting.

Idea #2: Energize company announcements and updates

Videos are a powerful way to turn company announcements and updates into interesting stories. As with idea #1, involve your CEO and leadership team to relay these messages. Or, gather other subject matter experts to deliver their perspective. This encourages interaction, reduces confusion, and provides a support system for employees. Pair these videos with a short intranet news story to reduce written content since employees are more likely to pay attention if they see a video included.

Idea #3: Welcome new employees in a meaningful way

Try welcoming new employees with a video for a more engaging approach to orientation. Weave in the company’s mission and strategy to build a community of employees with shared goals, and highlight important tools like your company intranet as a go-to resource. Make your orientation video available on your intranet and share it with HR to help streamline their new-hire process.

Idea #4: Launch your new intranet with flair

Marketing your redeveloped intranet, or the “fruit” of your labour (pun intended as ThoughtFarmer recently launched 8.1 Satsuma) and building interest is an essential step to unveiling your new site. ThoughtFarmer client, LPK, released a fun video to generate excitement for the launch of their new intranet, “Watson”. Watch the video below to see how they did it. You can also read “3 creative intranet launch ideas using video” to see a few more fun examples from our ThoughtFarmer clients.

Meet Watson—LPK’s Upgraded Social Intranet from LPK on Vimeo.

Idea #5: Provide intranet tips and tricks with practical “how-to” videos

Consider following up your intranet software launch with a series of videos that educate employees on how to use new features. Create short videos that they can follow along with—anything from populating employee profiles and uploading files, to posting comments and status updates.

Idea #6: Fulfill your training needs with videos hosted on your intranet

Share video recordings of live training sessions with employees spread across multiple office locations. Videos streamline training efforts by making learning available on demand from your intranet, cutting down on travel and venue expenses. Try creating videos on topics such as health and safety, HR policies, privacy and confidentiality, and enterprise systems.

Idea #7: Electrify your company’s mission and vision to build your culture

Make your organization’s vision and strategic goals more memorable and personable with video. Interview the leadership team, or employees who can act as ambassadors to help inspire their colleagues and build a culture of shared values. Watch this video where Cisco’s SVP, Asia Pacific and Japan talks about leadership and building culture.

Idea #8: Liven up employee news by putting faces to names

Videos energize intranet news stories by adding visual interest. According to Ragan, content with visuals receives 94 per cent more views than plain text. You could omit the writing completely and create a video newsletter to share company updates, much like the City of San Rafael. Every month the City sends out a short video newsletter to keep employees informed about City Council actions. These short newsletters act as an engaging way to distribute company information and help put faces to names. Here is an example:

Idea #9: Celebrate successes & boost morale with video

Videos can highlight company achievements, celebrate successes, and recognize noteworthy employee contributions on your intranet. Video contests can help boost morale and encourage teamwork by involving employees in business decisions, such as naming your new intranet (see idea #4). Videos can also recognize colleagues, or express a company’s core values. Atlassian’s company culture video below displays how their employees live their core values.

Idea #10: Create an internal TV channel that includes video

Companies are creating TV channels to communicate updates through text and video. Our client, Piksel used their ThoughtFarmer Intranet and created Popsikel TV to close some organizational gaps and build a unified culture. Watch the interview with Piksel’s communications team to learn how they integrated their intranet with an internal TV channel to provide employees around the globe with updates in real-time.

Idea #11: Bring meetings and events to life

Unite employees working in multiple locations by live streaming meetings and making video recordings available on your intranet. This makes the content easily accessible for those who missed the meeting or want to refer to it at their convenience. Videos can also help you share memories from company events. Encourage employees to participate by capturing these relationship building moments which reinforce that your organization values play, not just work.

Read more about weaving videos into your communications approach in our article, Give video a starring role in your internal communications strategy.

ThoughtFarmer’s refreshingly engaging intranet has enriched videos to make it even easier to adopt them. View the recorded webinar: Introducing ThoughtFarmer 8.1 Satsuma to learn more.