Give Video a Starring Role in your Internal Communications Strategy

video communications

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million words,” Marie Moynihan, marketing manager of Newsweaver, says. Why is this statement so compelling? It speaks to how video is an increasingly popular and meaningful way for organizations to connect and engage with employees.

Video killed the email star

With a portable video studio in nearly every pocket, it’s easy to see why more video is being created than ever before. People are comfortable using videos in their everyday lives because you don’t have to be a videographer to do so (my seventy-year old mother-in-law sends me videos she takes from her smartphone). Watching a video to digest information is fast, interactive and entertaining. Data shared by YouTube shows that, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on its channel every day, while videos hosted on the platform generate billions of views.

Fresh possibilities for internal communications

Videos are useful tools in getting just about any internal message across. They add visual interest to internal messages about new changes, initiatives, or other company information. They are able to sum up in minutes, what a news story might need five paragraphs to do. Videos project emotion and tell a story more vibrantly than just putting words on a page, making it easier for employees to relate to what you’re trying to tell them. Below are some ideas to get you started:

  1. CEO/executive messages
  2. Training and employee orientation
  3. Mission and vision statements
  4. Company announcements, news and events
  5. Employee news, recognition and morale boosting
  6. Celebrating successes

Enhancing your internal communications strategy with video will dramatically change how you convey messages. While you still may choose to use other methods to round out your communications toolkit, you’ll find that video will satisfy your needs as a communicator in many more ways than just using email, long presentations, wordy documents, and lengthy team meetings.

Producing a great video

You don’t have to be a technology expert to embrace video in your internal communications strategy. Low fidelity videos work great—no hefty budgets needed. Just grab your handy smartphone, tablet or webcam, and hit record. Keep it simple and casual. People appreciate the effort to connect with them using tools they use everyday and are used to digesting information by watching it.

Keep these tips in your back pocket when boosting your internal communications toolkit with video:

  • Be brief: Limit videos to three minutes or less
  • Lose the formal script: Outline your key messages in advance, but use a casual style for a more “human” approach
  • Keep it simple: Use devices you have close at hand (your smartphone or tablet will do the trick) to produce videos, and embed them in your intranet

Video is here to stay and the technology is ready to support it. As the shift continues to the digital workplace, video is a tool that can’t be ignored. So go ahead and hit record.

Shifting the internal communications landscape

In the past, aspects of using video for internal communications made them, well, less appealing. Before modern intranets, it was difficult for enterprise networks to host videos securely, requiring communications teams to use external platforms (such as YouTube), causing potential privacy and confidentiality risks. Technology used to be slower and producing videos was more complex. In our current digital age, these are no longer issues. Producing, consuming, and distributing videos is now simple and easy to do using a company intranet. Embedding videos is a snap, making rich content accessible to employees at any time.

A stellar internal communications strategy requires a lot of planning and consideration to reach audiences in a meaningful way. So, how do you build an effective strategy? Having a solid intranet that offers social and collaboration tools like news stories is a good start. You could use tactics like email, team meetings and posters, but what if employees don’t have time to read emails or are dispersed across locations? They might also work remotely, as is increasingly the case. So what else can internal communications teams do to transform and energize internal messages?

Embracing video in your internal communications strategy

Just like the process of creating an internal communications strategy, consider some details that will help you define how you want to use video for maximum impact. Knowing your approach and thinking about outcomes can increase your chances of success. So, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What does my audience want and need to know that I can convey through video?
  2. How can I use video with other communication methods to reach my audience?
  3. How can I use video to support employees in the digital workplace?
  4. How can I use video to help employees relate to leadership and communicate the big picture of my organization?

Regardless of your organization’s culture, structure, or location, video is a versatile tool to help you accomplish your internal communications goals. Using videos goes the extra mile to show employees that you value their input and acknowledge their needs. By building relationships and encouraging interaction through video, you empower employees to help shape your company’s direction.

How do you measure whether your internal communications videos are reaching your audience? By looking at how many people liked, commented on, or shared a video, you can get a sense of the number of folks that viewed it. Videos embedded on your intranet also provide analytics and other statistics to help you assess your video strategy and adjust as needed.

Adding video to your internal communications toolkit is a simple way to build a human connection with employees and bring your internal messages to life. It’s becoming a necessary tool for communications teams who want to encourage two-way dialogue and motivate employees to pay attention to internal messages.

Sharing successes

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