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Measuring Internal Communications

Every day your colleagues are interacting with internal communications. They are reading emails, commenting on intranet posts, and showing up to meetings.

But what’s the result of those interactions?

And how do employees truly feel about the state of internal communications in their workplace?

If you can’t answer these questions you aren’t alone. The good news is that we make it easy in this downloadable guide.

Measuring Internal Communications

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Excerpt from Whitepaper

“To track usage metrics, look at things like top users, top commenters, top searches, top viewers, and top editors. You will also want to search for top keywords to understand what content your employees may be searching for. Once you have identified these groups, segment them in a way that makes sense to your organization; for example, by role, team, or location.”

What you’ll learn

We compiled all of the frequently asked questions we have received from intranet owners who are trying to measure the success of their internal communications efforts, and built the answers into this easy-to-follow white paper.

How to conduct an internal communications audit

We will help you identify all the different communication channels within your organization; some obvious, and some not so obvious. 

How to decipher your intranet analytics

Intranet analytics can feel overwhelming if you have never used them before, but they aren’t as complex as you might think. We’ll help you understand which metrics to monitor. 

How to present your findings

We’ll share tips on how to easily present your data, and why you need to incorporate storytelling into your presentation.

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