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What attendees learned in our ThoughtFarmer breakfast session

Our engaged audience left the session with more than just a great breakfast! They took away knowledge to elevate their internal communications strategy in 2020 and beyond.

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On Tuesday morning, ThoughtFarmer hosted a breakfast & learn session on the topic of internal communications trends. 

Our speaker was ThoughtFarmer President Darren Gibbons, who shared a deep analysis of the top performing customer intranet content.

Among the insights Darren shared: the types of posts generating the highest levels of engagement, the top content categories, and how to calculate reach and engagement. 

Darren cautioned his audience about being cavalier with their content approach, and encouraged communicators to be strategic, and to ensure they have a content plan in place regardless of what platform they are relying on.

He also provided attendees with methods on how to get the data they need, how to extract insights, and how to turn that into an actionable plan to improve their internal communications ROI.

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Apart from enjoying some delicious waffles at Chambar attendees left with fresh content ideas and a much deeper understanding of the role an intranet plays in effective internal communication. As one attendee put it best, the data presented was a “treasure trove” of internal communications data.