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Top 10 Intranet Trends for 2024

Here’s our list of the top intranet trends in 2024 to inspire you with ideas to create a more engaging employee experience. 

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2024 Intranet Trends
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The digital landscape continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace, bringing with it a host of trends that are shaping the world of intranets. Let’s look at the latest intranet trends that are changing how we work, connect, collaborate, and create.  

Imagine walking into a virtual office where every tool, resource, and colleague is just a click away. That’s the essence of today’s intranets. They’re no longer just a centralized source for documents and policies; they’ve transformed into vibrant digital workplaces that allow employees to connect with the whole organization and to individual colleagues.

Modern intranets are all about making your workday smoother, more intuitive, and yes, even a bit more enjoyable.

Here’s our prediction for the top 10 intranet trends for 2024 to inspire you to create a more engaging employee experience.   

1. Personalizing the employee experience

Future intranets will increasingly tailor their experience to individual employee preferences and roles to create a more engaging and productive work environment. This personalization is expected to significantly increase employee engagement and productivity​​.

2. Increased integration with 3rd party applications

Intranets are moving towards seamless, deeper integrations with the rest of your company’s tools and systems. The aim is to create a unified digital workplace where collaboration tools are accessible within the intranet environment​​.

3. Mobile apps are essential

With 80% of employees in deskless roles, intranets need to prioritize being mobile-friendly. This includes not only having responsive design, but also a full-featured mobile intranet app, with mobile-specific features like photos, videos, and audio notes direct from devices. ​​.

4. Widespread shift to cloud-based platforms

Cloud-based intranets are gaining momentum due to their scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. The cloud also allows for more turnkey intranet implementations and personalized experiences by enabling tailored content delivery based on user preferences​​.

5. Improved knowledge sharing

Intranets are evolving to make knowledge more accessible across the entire organization, regardless of the employee’s role, team, or location. This trend aims to foster innovation and growth by encouraging knowledge sharing among employees​​.

6. Creating team-based micro-communities

There is a focus on intranets with features tailored to specific teams, which helps streamline communication, document sharing, and project management. This highly focused approach is expected to make it easier for teams to access and share the information they need enhancing efficiency and fostering a sense of belonging and community within teams​​.

7. Focus on employee well-being and engagement

Intranets are increasingly emphasizing employee well-being and engagement, which can be particularly challenging when people are working remote, leading to feelings of isolation. Intranet can include features such as wellness resources, feedback mechanisms, and recognition programs to create a positive work environment reinforcing culture and community​​.

8. Easy content creation

Intranet managers are seeking ways to make content creation easier and more impactful, with the hopes of driving more employee adoption and engagement. AI-based tools will be increasingly adopted by administrators  to assist with content creation. 

9. Data visualization

There is a growing trend toward visualizing intranet data and analytics using graphs and dashboards. These tools transform complex data into easily understandable visuals, which can help in identifying trends and decision-making.

10. Gamification

Incorporating gamified elements like leaderboards, challenges, and badges into intranets is becoming popular. This approach is used to motivate employees, increase engagement, and enhance productivity​​. Leading companies such as MedData and RICK Engineering have seen great success using gamification to drive employee engagement. 

All of these trends for 2024 reflect a shift towards more personalized, efficient, and integrated intranet systems, aiming to improve the overall digital employee experience. 

Having a leading intranet software partner that is continuously evolving helps to ensure your organization has the tools they need to keep employees connected with the right people and information.  

Is it time to elevate your intranet to its full potential?  Talk to our intranet experts. We’d love to learn more about your organization’s needs and discuss how we can help. 

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