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ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2015: Winners in the Best Collaboration Category

Do you need some inspiration on how to be more effective at working together? Here are some new ways to use your intranet as a tool for collaboration.

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Our intranet award winners of the Best Collaborative Intranet will provide you with new ways to use your intranet as a tool for collaboration.

We previously profiled winners in the Best Looking and Most Innovative category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. For our final category, we are going to look at our clients who used ThoughtFarmer to inspire a sense of community within their organization and to solve unique business challenges.

Congratulations to College Possible and MD Financial, who are our winners in the Best Collaboration category!

WINNER, Best Collaboration: College Possible

  • Industry: Non-profit
  • Region: USA (headquarters Minneapolis, St. Paul)
  • Employees: 250
  • Intranet Name: Quad

College Possible is a non-profit organization that makes college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. With offices dispersed throughout the United States, organizing dozens of campus visits for hundreds of students every year was becoming complicated. Before implementing ThoughtFarmer, College Possible used spreadsheets on a shared drive and email communications to handle reservations.

When they launched their intranet, team members that manage campus visits used ThoughtFarmer to discuss best practices, and challenges they faced with their current RSVP system. Out of these discussions they developed a new pilot RSVP process that embedded Google Forms within a special ThoughtFarmer event type. What we really liked about College Possible’s submission is that they not only created a streamlined collaborative process that saves their employees time, they actually used their intranet to discuss the problem and work together to solve it. For using ThoughtFarmer as a way to collaborate on both one-off problems and ongoing processes, College Possible is the winner of the Best Collaborative Intranet for 2015!

College Possible implemented a new pilot RSVP process which embedded Google Forms into a special event type on their ThoughtFarmer Event Calendars.

HONORABLE MENTION, Best Collaboration: MD Financial Management

  • Industry: Finance
  • Region: Canada (Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Employees: 1,800
  • Intranet Name: Verve

In 2013, MD Financial Management re-designed their head office space. With a new look and feel they retired old artwork to a storage room. After employees starting asking where the old artwork had gone, the team came up with an idea to auction off the artwork and donate the proceeds to United Way. MD Financial Management used a photo gallery type page in ThoughtFarmer to create a digital auction. Over 100 photographs were uploaded to the page. To bid on one of the pieces, employees commented on the photo.

They saw bids from employees from all across the country. Not only did MD Financial raise a total of $13,000 for United Way, but they demonstrated an awesome way to use their intranet for collaboration; which is why they earned an honorable mention in the Best Collaboration category!

MD Financial used the photo gallery page type in ThoughtFarmer to display the items up for auction.

Would you like a new intranet that facilitates better collaboration at your company? Get in touch to see how ThoughtFarmer can help you.

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