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ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2015: Winners in the Most Innovative Category

Looking for some fresh ideas on how you can make your intranet more innovative? The winners of the Most Innovative Intranet for 2015 might provide you with the inspiration you need.

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Last week we profiled winners in the Best Looking category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week we will look at our clients who used ThoughtFarmer to solve unique business challenges, and surprised us with their innovation.

Congratulations to LaSalle College and INSURICA, who are our winners in the Most Innovative category!

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WINNER, Most Innovative Intranet: LaSalle College

  • Industry: Education
  • Region: Montreal, Quebec (locations worldwide)
  • Employees: 1,700
  • Intranet Name: AGORA

With 120 full time teachers completing paid Research and Development projects, managing the projects, hours and approvals through Excel took countless hours. Using a ThoughtFarmer customization, LaSalle now tracks all of their hours throughout the year using AGORA. This system allows teachers to enter their project’s title, description, amount of hours and collaborators into a personalized page under their program. This system also allows LaSalle to summarize all hours completed by teachers in eight different categories.

For the Academic Dean and Program Directorate, it is easy to track the completion of projects. With one click an Excel report is generated that can target a specific teacher, program or the whole college. This system ensures an efficient management of the Research and Development budget. Because of LaSalle’s innovative tracking system and the results it garnered, they are the winner of the Most Innovative Intranet for 2015!

LaSalle College_ Cropped 1

The ThoughtFarmer customization allows LaSalle to summarize all R&D projects by teacher, program and category.


  • Industry: Insurance
  • Region: USA (Tennessee)
  • Employees: 250
  • Intranet Name: One

INSURICA uses ThoughtFarmer to drive their sales culture. Employees can see sales contest results, recent sales information, and a running total of org-wide sales to-date right on their homepage, creating company wide visibility. INSURICA also uses ThoughtFarmer to create a healthy competition among their employees. In the Sales tab, there is an up-to-date leaderboard. Sales are broken down by industry, sales person and by office.

Seeing the sales results on the homepage reminds employees what their ultimate purpose is and keeps them focused on the bigger picture. We think this is a great example of intranet innovation which is why INSURICA receives an honourable mention in the Most Innovative Intranet category. Great work, INSURICA!

Insurica_Most_Innovative_Cropped 1

The leaderboards keep track of sales by producer, industry and office. This tab is the driver of the healthy in-office competition!

Insurica_Most_Innovative_Cropped 2

Would you like a new, innovative, and easy-to-use intranet at your company? Get in touch to see how ThoughtFarmer can help you.