The M&A Rollercoaster


In a new white paper, consulting firm Jabian identifies “11 Traps of M&A”. Describing the M&A journey as “a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows”, Jabian lists traps such as:

  • Emotional attachment to the deal
  • ‘Deal Team’ vanishes leaving PhD-level docs behind
  • Poor communication leads to confusion, dissension and rumors

For each trap, they suggest keys to success. To be successful with communication, Jabian advises: “Communicate early, often and honestly. It is ok to communicate to your organization that you are still figuring out a plan. That is better than the rumour tree making up your plan for you.”

The white paper also details the results of a survey Jabian conducted with 159 North American M&A professionals. 81% of executives surveyed said culture is the most important factor to an integration team working to combine two organizations.

Download the white paper on Jabian’s web site.

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