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ThoughtFarmer App Transforms RFTA’s Frontline Operations

Frontline workers often don't have access to communication like onsite workers. See how ThoughtFarmer's mobile app equipped their employees with the news and resources they needed to be successful in their jobs.

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Frontline workers are the backbone of most organizations; but these employees don’t always get the attention or recognition they deserve. Without desks—and sometimes without email addresses—they are often left out of the loop and uniformed on important company news.

RFTA Mobile

This is what RFTA experienced before deploying ThoughtFarmer.

RFTA (Roaring Fork Transportation Authority) is a public transit agency in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. Approximately 65% of employees are field employees (bus drivers, mechanics, etc.) and do not have access to email.

RFTA’s scenario isn’t unusual. One study found that over 83% of frontline workers don’t have a corporate email address, and 45% don’t even have access to the company intranet at work.

These factors contribute to deskless employees and frontline workers feeling left out, and unaligned with corporate strategies.

RFTA investigated several potential solutions, but it was ThoughtFarmer that stood out from the competition. One of RFTA’s key criteria was a mobile app.

While many intranet apps offer a ‘watered-down’ version of their platform’s functionality, the ThoughtFarmer mobile app allows users to enjoy the same experience in the mobile version as they enjoy in the desktop version.

Read the entire case study to see how ThoughtFarmer helped RFTA empower and unite their frontline workers.

 View the case study