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Finding and Selecting the Right Intranet Provider for You

Review sites, like G2 and Capterra help companies like you choose the best intranet for your unique needs. Our new comparison report does the work for you and compiles it into one document.

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Looking for the best intranet software? Overwhelmed by data and customer reviews of intranet providers?

Because they are unbiased, software review sites are a great way of learning if a particular solution is a good fit for your organization; but it can quickly become a spiral of information overload if you don’t understand what criteria to consider.

Intranet comparison report

We’ve launched a comparison report for intranet providers that compiles data from two popular software review sites: G2 and Capterra. The opinions and reviews offered on software review sites are unbiased, and help us improve both our software and our service, and they help ensure our product roadmap matches current market demands.

Furthermore, review sites help companies like you choose the best solutions (and the best intranet software) for your unique needs.

This report compares the intranet providers on the following categories:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Support
    • Ease of Admin
    • Ease of Use

Download the report