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ThoughtFarmer recognized by ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting, an independent consultancy specializing in the business challenges of the digital workplace, released its 2021 Independent Intranets Report. ThoughtFarmer was among 16 full vendor reviews.

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We are excited to announce our intranet software is featured in ClearBox Consulting’s Independent Intranets report. The comprehensive report highlights our form builder, social features, page building features, and our impressive customer support. 

The extensive review was encapsulated in a tweet reading, “ThoughtFarmer puts users in control, delivering a product that manages to be both cohesive and flexible.” 

The recognition comes after a strong year for ThoughtFarmer as workplaces around the world turned to intranet software platforms to engage and connect employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

ThoughtFarmer also added two new communication related features in the last six months: Broadcast and Required Reading. Broadcast ensures critical information is disseminated immediately to employees, while Required Reading guarantees that employees have read specific pages or documents. 

The comprehensive report by ClearBox provides 16 full vendor reviews and seven in depth product evaluations. The in-depth reviews are unbiased, and written from a vendor-neutral position by a group of industry experts. Each review averages 20 pages and includes screenshots, real customer opinions, pricing information, technical data, and performance scores determined over ten real-world business scenarios.

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“This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get started with an intranet” said Darren Gibbons. “It validates the strength of ThoughtFarmer and positions us a leader in intranet platforms.”

The report is available for purchase via ClearBox’s website here.

About ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting is a UK and Ireland-based independent consulting firm that helps large enterprises from AstraZeneca to Vodafone assess, plan, manage and scale the non-technical aspects of intranets and digital workplaces globally. ClearBox Consulting’s in-depth report helps to serve as a “buyer’s guide to ready-made platforms,” the report assessed over 16 independent intranet platforms that offer “flexibility and opportunities for customisation as well as good integrations” across 10 different scenarios, interviewing top customers. The report compares the product capabilities across a spectrum of scenarios based on ClearBox’s experience.