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Case study: How PCI leverages their intranet to improve communication and unite remote employees

What's the secret to becoming a Best Place to Work? Read our newest case study to learn how a publishing company use their intranet to grow their amazing workplace culture.

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Have you ever wondered what makes a workplace exceptional? Or what it takes to win a top employer award?

The answer probably won’t surprise you. It’s the workplace culture.

Our newest case study with PCI exemplifies what it means to be a great place to work. In 2019, with the merger complete, the new and bigger company needed a way to connect their remote associates across four locations.

They were also looking for a repository for learning and process documentation, as well as a way to reinforce their incredible culture. PCI enlisted the help of a trusted friend and consultant to begin the research process for an intranet. They initially looked at several different products. Like many organizations seeking an intranet, the team at PCI had a comprehensive list of requirements. “We were really looking for a vendor that gave us everything and that checked all the boxes we needed to accomplish our goals,” added Angie Zatezalo, Marketing Manager for PCI. PCIs requirements included a solution that was user friendly, easy to manage, and one that had excellent customer support.

PCI eventually decided on ThoughtFarmer. “We did look at a few other options, but ThoughtFarmer just had a better package,” recalled Angie.

Click here to read the case study.