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10 Memes Every Comms Professional Can Relate To

If you are a communications or HR professional, or an intranet manager, you will likely relate to some (if not all) of these intranet-related memes.

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We’ve all seen a lot of humorous memes on the internet, but nothing compares to the memes that we can relate to—especially when they apply to the workplace!

If you are a communications or HR professional, or an intranet manager, you probably will identify with a lot of the below intranet memes. And while we can’t promise that some of these won’t resurface some frustration you may have experienced in the past, we can guarantee that at least you will be entertained. And really, if you can’t pause to laugh at work at least just a little, then what’s the point?

Here are ten intranet memes you likely can relate to:

1) When your employees complain that they don’t have a tool to collaborate on, but fail to use their intranet.

2) When your employees claim they didn’t see the last news announcement, but your intranet metrics say otherwise.

3) When your accounting staff continue to use paper forms when you know intranet forms are SO much more efficient.


4) When you finally get a visual representation of how your staff in your remote branches look.


5) When your leadership realizes everyone in the organization finally knows what’s going on, and fails to realize it’s as a result of the intranet.


6) When that one employee who won’t use the intranet complains that they have the incorrect version of a document.

7) When your boss says you don’t need an intranet because you have already use Slack.


8) When there isn’t a technical bone in your body, and your boss suggest building a SharePoint intranet.


9) When your employees refuse to use the intranet but enjoy complaining about how they have no idea what’s going on in the company.


10) When you’ve spent hours creating the perfect intranet architecture, and someone puts a document in the wrong place.