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Fast-track employee onboarding in a hybrid workplace

How do you ensure new employees are properly onboarded and equipped with all the resources and connections they need to confidently start their job? How do you keep employee engagement high in hybrid or remote workplaces? And how do you keep new employee information centralized and accessible?
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What's Inside

High employee turnover in the first year is a challenge many organizations face. Strong onboarding is a crucial element in hiring success, as it shapes new employees’ experiences and productivity. This guide explores the pivotal role of intranets in onboarding, offering a comprehensive list of onboarding essentials, and methods to measure success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your intranet as a central hub for employee onboarding
  • Understand the importance of feedback in refining your onboarding process
  • Discover how to make onboarding both engaging and enjoyable