Wiki Implementation at a Law Firm: Hicks Morley Case Study

Heather Colman, KM Specialist at law firm Hicks Morley, documents her experience rolling out a wiki at After a pilot of Domino Wiki, Hicks Morley evaluated leading web 2.0 wiki-like solutions including Jive Clearspace, Traction TeamPage, SharePoint, ThoughtFarmer and Lotus Quickr.

Her recommendations, based on their wiki implementation experience:

  • Start with a small project or group that is already collaborative and well organized helping to ensure a win.
  • Recruit high level executive or partner champions to share success stories.
  • Select a platform that is easy to use without too many bells and whistles.
  • Do not force participation.
  • Remove barriers and impediments by keeping the wiki open for editing and transparent.
  • Create a process for updating that transfers responsibility to each practice group or department.

Read the complete case study at

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