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ThoughtFarmer + Google Drive

ThoughtFarmer clients can enjoy all the benefits of file sharing without leaving their intranet.

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Those of us familiar with Google Drive or Google Workspace love how easily it allows users to store and synchronize files in the cloud, and how easy it makes collaborating with other teams and users. A key component of the G-Suite, Google Drive became an almost overnight hit (there are now over 800 million active Google Drive users), due to the ease with which users could simply transfer and share files securely. With a simple drag and drop, the files were there.

ThoughtFarmer clients can enjoy all the benefits of file sharing without leaving their intranet.

Our software includes a Google Workspace integration option. You can now easily gather any files you have on Google Drive and keep them in one central location on your intranet.

What does it actually do?
Our Google Drive integration brings all the greatness of content sharing into your intranet. You can easily share Google files and communicate to the entire organization, department, or teams. There is no need to leave your intranet to share and review documents. Also, because both applications sync automatically, your content will always be current.

What about Permissions?
The security permissions within Google will carry over right into your intranet. So, if you don’t have the rights to view a particular Google Doc in Google Drive, you are not going to be able to see it in your intranet. It is therefore important that any document permissions are set up correctly within Google first.

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Why is Google Drive Integration Important?
Let’s be honest, no one really wants to learn a new system. So, if we can integrate with an existing file storage that most employees already understand, then there is no hassle of introducing yet another application into your technology infrastructure. The result is a happy IT department, but more important, happy employees.

Our new Google Drive integration is just one more way we at ThoughtFarmer help teams collaborate, and work the way they want to work.

Learn more about ThoughtFarmer’s Google Workspace intranet integration.