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Six reasons to attend ThoughtSummit 2021

ThoughtSummit will leave you feeling inspired, energized, and ready to tackle your intranet with strategies and tactics that you can implement the minute you return to the office. 

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Our popular intranet conference is back, and this time we are hosting it virtually! 

ThoughtSummit is an inspiring intranet conference that brings together Communications, HR, and IT professionals for learning, networking, and fun. 

Rather than a few days of multiple sessions, the schedule will consist of one session per day from Monday, June 7 to Friday, June 11. We hope to minimize video fatigue and make it easier for you to learn from some of the best intranet thought leaders.

If you are wondering if ThoughtSummit is worth attending, we’ve compiled some great reasons to tune in:  

Renewed purpose and inspiration

Managing an intranet is no easy task. To be successful you require new solutions to old problems and actionable solutions to new problems. ThoughtSummit will leave you feeling inspired, energized, and ready to tackle your intranet with strategies and tactics that you can implement the minute you return to the office. 

You’ll also be in good company! The community is devoted to putting best practices, workplace trends, and key technologies into action. With high-impact sessions and solid networking opportunities, ThoughtSummit is the best place to find like-minded peers working towards the same goals. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our past attendees’ had to say:

– “I feel like I’ve established a community of practice after leaving the event.”

– “There’s so much more we could be doing with our intranet that we aren’t, and I don’t think I would have had any idea without attending ThoughtSummit.”

– “I loved all of the client presentations. I found it really interesting to see how other clients are using ThoughtFarmer.”

Diverse speakers 

We have an incredible line-up of speakers who are excited to lead skill-building sessions, thoughtful discussions and give you hands-on experience. One of the headliners this year is James Robertson, a global expert on intranet strategy and design. In the world of intranets, he’s a big deal. He is an author of the best-selling books “Essential intranets” and “Designing intranets,” and has helped to define the best-practice methodologies used by teams around the globe. James is also the originator of the global movement around digital employee experience (DEX), which puts employee needs at the heart of enterprise solutions. 

We will also hear from Priya Bates, an award-winning professional communicator, and President and owner of Inner Strength Communication. Priya builds strategic internal communication, engagement, branding and transformational change plans that enable, engage and empower employees to deliver business results. 

No suit required!

Like many other conferences during the pandemic, ThoughtSummit will be entirely virtual! This means you can learn from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. No need to dress up or worry about your conference attire. 

Networking opportunities

Just because we are meeting virtually doesn’t mean you cannot still network and make new and lasting connections. We will be making use of polls, Q&A, and chat to allow attendees to interact with the presenters and each other. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with others, participate in interactive discussions, and meet like-minded people with all the same passion (and frustrations) as you!  

It’s affordable

The cost to attend ThoughtSummit is only $99 per attendee. We encourage teams to attend and are happy to offer a discounted rate for groups. Please get in touch for more information.

It’s NOT just for ThoughtFarmer Customers

ThoughtSummit is not a sales pitch. It is an opportunity for intranet managers, communications professionals, and IT folk to learn and network with each other. Our educational sessions cover a range of topics from internal communication, workplace productivity, and employee engagement. The conference began back in 2015 when we recognized the challenges related to intranets were unique, and absent from other traditional comms/HR focused conferences.