Free webinar: Selma’s guide to intranet task testing

Missed the webinar? Enjoy the video recording:

On Wednesday, October 17th join ThoughtFarmer’s Senior User Experience Designer, Selma Zafar, for an instructional webinar on intranet information architecture (IA): Selma’s guide to intranet task testing.

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Task testing plays a critical role in building a user friendly intranet navigation. In this webinar Selma will offer a detailed guide to conducting intranet task testing, along with insightful tips based on her years of experience.

Task tesing often follows card sorting in the intranet design process. As such this webinar will be a perfect follow-up to last month’s webinar on intranet card sorting.

  • Topic: Selma’s Guide to Intranet Task Testing
  • Time: Wed, Oct 17, 8:30am Pacific, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm UK
  • Host: Chris McGrath, ThoughtFarmer Co-Creator
  • Presenter: Selma Zafar, Senior User Experience Designer
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What will this webinar cover?

  • An answer to the question: What is task testing?
  • Introduction to a simple online tool for conducting task testing
  • Overview of the task testing process
  • Review of intranet task testing best practices
  • How to avoid common mistakes

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