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G2 Recognizes ThoughtFarmer as a High Performer in the Employee Intranet Category

G2 reviews help potential customers understand what current users like and dislike about a product, what benefits they have achieved, and what business problem it may have solved for them. 

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G2’s Winter 2024 Reports are out, and ThoughtFarmer has once again been named a High Performer within the Employee Intranet category, bringing our total number of appearances within that category to over 60!

What is G2 and what is a G2 badge? 

G2 is a globally recognized and trusted software review website with over 100,000 companies reviewed in more than 2,000 categories, and over 1.3 million first-party unfiltered, unbiased reviews from verified customers​. G2 calculates customer satisfaction based on all of these reviews, giving each software vendor a publicly available score. G2 badges are then awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, and are a symbol of product excellence and customer satisfaction.  

What G2 Badges did ThoughtFarmer win?

We are thrilled to be awarded badges in the following categories, as winning even one award badge is an incredible achievement:

  • Best Support: A testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled assistance to our clients.
  • Best Support, Mid-Market: Highlighting our specialized support for mid-sized businesses.
  • High Performer: Recognized for our overall high customer satisfaction and significant market presence.
  • High Performer, Americas: Standing out in the Americas region for our exceptional service.
  • High Performer, Canada: emphasizing our strong impact and customer satisfaction in the Canadian market.
  • High Performer, Enterprise: Acknowledging our effectiveness in meeting the needs of large-scale organizations.
  • Users Love Us: A badge of honor directly from our user community, reflecting their positive experiences and satisfaction.
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Why are G2 reviews important? 

Before committing to a piece of software, purchasers will typically consult software review sites to glean some insight into user experiences of that product. In short, sites like G2 help people make informed software decisions based on unbiased and authentic peer reviews.

G2 reviews help potential customers understand what current users like and dislike about a product, what benefits they have achieved, and what business problem it may have solved for them. 

The opinions and reviews offered on software review sites are unbiased, and help us improve both our software and our service, and they help ensure our product roadmap matches current market demands. Furthermore, review sites help companies like you choose the best solutions (and the best intranet software) for your unique needs.

For us, winning a G2 award means a lot because it’s based on genuine user experiences. It’s not just an accolade; it’s real evidence that we’re making a difference. Our recognition in the G2 Winter 2024 Awards is a big deal – it’s validation from our customers that ThoughtFarmer is making waves in enhancing the digital workplace.

What do ThoughtFarmer’s G2 badges mean for you?

If you’re not a ThoughtFarmer user, but are interested in learning more, now is the perfect time to sign up for a demo with our team.

You might also be interested in this report that summarizes the findings from G2’s evaluations, and looks at why ThoughtFarmer is consistently ranked among the world’s best intranet vendors.

Intranet vendors, compared

Learn why ThoughtFarmer is ranked among the world’s best intranet vendors.

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G2 Employee Intranet Comparion Guide ThoughtFarmer

A special thank you to all our customers; we can’t overstate how much we value your ongoing support and feedback. The G2 badges mentioned above are a reflection of the impact you have on our software, as you help us evolve and better serve your needs. We’re especially grateful to those who have shared their experiences on G2. Your reviews are a critical part of our success.