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Build deeper connections for more engaged employees

Create a workplace that's not just about work, but about the people behind the work. Are you ready to supercharge how your team connects and engages with each other?

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Create a workplace that’s not just about work, but about the people behind the work

Are you ready to supercharge how your team connects and engages with each other? Our latest release will help take your workplace communication and culture to the next level. 

Introducing ThoughtFarmer’s upgraded Profile Pages and our all-new Hobbies and Interests card!

Deeper connections for more engaged employees

In a world where remote work and virtual meetings are the norm, building meaningful connections within your team has become more important (and more difficult) than ever. We understand the importance of belonging and camaraderie.. That’s why we’ve revamped our Profile Pages and introduced the Hobbies and Interests card.

Enhanced Profile Pages

Our Profile Pages have always been a central hub for connecting with colleagues and discovering more about your team members. With this latest release, we’ve made it even easier for you to connect and engage with your coworkers.

Streamlined Design

We’ve eliminated tabs and put all the interesting details about your teammates front and center. No more clicking through tabs to find what you’re looking for.

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You have the freedom to customize your Profile Pages to showcase information exactly how and where you want it. Organize and categorize your profile fields into cards which you can move around to highlight what matters most to you.

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Easy Transition

Don’t worry about losing your existing layouts. Current Profile Pages are automatically updated to the new look, but the column setups remain the same.  Need more time to get used to it? Not to worry,  if you prefer the old tab style, you can still revert back using the Profile template editor.Want to make the most of these enhanced Profile Pages? Check out our detailed documentation or watch our tutorial to learn how to personalize Profile Pages to suit your preferences.

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Hobbies and Interests Card

At ThoughtFarmer, we understand that building a thriving workplace culture and enhancing internal communication are essential goals for any organization. To facilitate more meaningful connections among your team members, we’re introducing the Hobbies and Interests card.

The Hobbies and Interests card gives your teams a place, right on their profiles, to learn more about what makes each other tick. Whether a weekend hiker, a board game enthusiast, a gardening guru, or anything in between, the Hobbies and Interests card helps colleagues connect with others who share their passions.


By default, the Hobbies and Interests card is not added to profiles. However, you have the option to include it almost anywhere on your profile template, to encourage your team to select and share their interests.

Getting started

The Hobbies and Interests card comes with 20 different hobbies pre-built on day one to help you get started. They cover a wide range of interests to cater to diverse tastes within your team.

Building blocks

Missing some hobbies that are near and dear to your team? Not to worry, we’ve given you the ability to add new hobbies and interests through the admin screen. 


When new interests are added, a notification will appear at the bottom of the Hobbies and Interests card to let your team know about the new choices available.

Ready to start fostering stronger connections with the Hobbies and Interests card? Dive into our documentation or watch our tutorial now

Everything you need for water cooler chats. Except the cooler. 

ThoughtFarmer’s latest release gives  you the tools to foster stronger connections, enhance communication, and create a vibrant workplace culture. 

The enhanced Profile Pages and the Hobbies and Interests card are designed to make your team interactions more engaging and enjoyable. 

Watch the release video here.

Read the release notes on our Community site to dive deeper into the details.