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AI, innovation, and ThoughtFarmer: The future of work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword or some futuristic sci-fi concept — it has quickly become a reliable tool that is making complex tasks faster and easier, reshaping how we live and work. At ThoughtFarmer, we've taken a thoughtful and strategic approach to our product roadmap ensuring that our AI solutions are designed with our customer's needs in mind.

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Our vision: Enhancing the customer experience through AI

At ThoughtFarmer, we understand that AI is not just a technological advancement, it’s a tool to enhance human capability, efficiency, and creativity. 

We believe in the promise of AI’s role as co-analyst, supportive assistant, and creative producer, in cooperation with human oversight, not as a replacement for it. As design and technology experts, we have a responsibility to shape a future that’s guided by ethical practices, privacy protection, and continuous learning.

We have been following, researching, and experimenting within the AI space for some time, distilling the hype from the true benefits, and we are excited about use cases where it can enable us to better serve our customers and their communities of employees. 

ThoughtFarmer is known for having one of the easiest-to-use intranets with best in class customer experience. We are excited about the potential for AI to make this user experience even better—making it easier to create content and find content. These are the two biggest problems that we solve for our clients, and the impact will be huge.    

How Artificial intelligence can enhance intranets

The evolution from machine learning to generative AI

Machine Learning (ML) and Generative AI are two pieces of the artificial intelligence puzzle, where ML provides the foundation upon which Generative AI is built. 

ML encompasses a broad range of algorithms and techniques that allow systems to learn and make predictions based on data, and this has long been used in everyday technologies and electronics. The latest advancement that made ML accessible and most useful to all consumers, is the introduction of generative AI. Gen AI became a media headline with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which quickly became the world’s fastest-growing application.  

Generative AI focuses on generating new content, including text and images, that mimics the characteristics of that data. 

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ThoughtFarmer’s product innovation with generative AI

ThoughtFarmer’s current suite of features have been leveraging advanced machine learning and algorithms to enhance productivity and collaboration for quite a while. For years, our editor has used ML to suggest relevant keyword tagging to make content easier to find, and our search engine has offered predictive search-as-you-type, and “Did you mean” functionality to help employees find the resources they need faster. 

From intuitive content management to sophisticated data analysis, our existing tools laid the groundwork for the next wave of AI-driven innovation.

This year, we are excited to have a number of key features on our product roadmap that will bring great value to our customers.  

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AI and intranet content

Our initial focus for leveraging generative AI is all around content: 

  • Making content creation easier
  • Making content easier to find

How it’s researched, how it’s created, how it’s found, and how it’s managed. 

ThoughtFarmer already excels in this area in many ways,  however, weaving generative AI into our software will provide an added layer of usability streamlining content creation and simplifying  search capabilities.

Making content creation easier

When it comes to content creation, we’re preparing new solutions that promise to redefine how we create and interact with digital content. Generative AI represents the next step forward in our commitment to enhancing user experience and productivity. 

AI Create integrates seamlessly into the ThoughtFarmer editor, and will be available in the same space you already work to create content. A tool that sits quietly within your workspace, ready to spring into action with a simple click on the toolbar. AI Create will not just assist; it will transform the way you ideate, create, edit, and refine content.

Making existing content even better

AI is not about replacing people, it’s all about making your life easier and your work more impactful. With intuitive prompt instructions, users will navigate content creation with unprecedented ease. The regeneration capabilities mean that your content can evolve and improve, offering fresh perspectives and ideas in real time.

AI Enhance takes your own work and helps elevate your writing prowess. With a simple click on the same easily accessible toolbar, right in your flow of work,  AI Enhance acts as your personal writing assistant, to refine and polish your content. Improve your writing, make it shorter or longer, simplify your language or change tone, all with one simple click. 

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Making information easier to find

The search for information will soon get an upgrade at ThoughtFarmer too. AI-driven search is set to simplify how you find and interact with content. Through the magic (ok, not magic, but it feels like it sometimes) of natural language processing, AI-driven search delivers results that are efficient, intuitive, and deeply aligned with your needs.

Searchers can look forward to a system that understands the context of their queries, offering results that are relevant and tailored to their unique needs. It’s not just about retrieving data and documents, it’s about understanding user intent and delivering actual answers based on the company artifacts.

The impact on your daily tasks will be transformative. With more precise, context-aware search results, you’ll spend less time sifting through information and more time leveraging the right content to drive decision-making and customer success. 

Content creators won’t have to worry as much about policies, SOPs, and other information not being read, as they can be surfaced through a search model that extracts the right information, when the employee needs it. 

Balancing innovation with security

ThoughtFarmer’s AI philosophy centers on a balanced approach that prioritizes innovation, customer value, and ethical considerations. We believe in harnessing the power of AI to enhance human potential while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.

Ensuring data privacy and security in AI

Our commitment to data privacy is unwavering, and we regularly review and revise our practices to meet and exceed industry standards. At ThoughtFarmer, we adhere to stringent security measures to safeguard information within all features, AI included. If the use of AI in certain environments could put customer data at risk, we will not use it. 

We are acutely aware of the ethical implications and potential concerns surrounding AI. ThoughtFarmer is dedicated to advancing AI responsibly, incorporating measures to prevent bias and ensure moral integrity in all our innovations.

ThoughtFarmer’s commitment to continuous innovation

Ongoing development and future vision for AI at ThoughtFarmer

We seek to actively shape the future of AI in the workplace. Our commitment to continuous innovation means that we are always looking ahead, developing new features and enhancing existing ones based on customer feedback and technological advancements.

How customer feedback shapes our product enhancements

ThoughtFarmer values our partnership with each and every one of our customers. The voice of our customers is crucial in guiding the development of our AI features. Through active engagement and feedback, we will continue to refine and tailor our product to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace, including AI. This helps ensure that our customers are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Watch our product demo video to see more of what ThoughtFarmer has to offer, and see how we can make work better by enhancing your organization’s communication, collaboration, and culture.