Backup & recovery

For cloud, we take care of backup and recovery for you, including full backups nightly, hourly differentials, disk redundancy, and weekly offsite backups. Our cloud hosting service level agreement includes 100% guaranteed uptime for network and infrastructure.

For self-hosted, we recommend using an SQL server maintenance plan that backs up the ThoughtFarmer database at least once every day. ThoughtFarmer provides documentation on backup and recovery best practices, and our support team can further assist if required.

Discovery & Audit compliance

All ThoughtFarmer content and documents have an audit trail, using version history that tracks changes and users. ThoughtFarmer’s search engine and faceted-search also aid in discovery processes.


ThoughtFarmer is optimized for performance and can easily handle organizations from 50 – 10,000 users on a single server. We also can provide load balancing and architecture for high performance and concurrency on 10,000+ user installations.

System logs

ThoughtFarmer has a robust and configurable error logging system that logs both internally to the application and to the event viewer on the server.

Emergency 24/7 support

Having an intranet emergency? We provide round-the-clock telephone support for critical tickets. Learn more about our service level agreements.