The SharePoint Intranet Connector seamlessly integrates our ThoughtFarmer software with SharePoint 2010 & 2013 document libraries. Get the most out of SharePoint's integration with Office, while enjoying the friendly social features of ThoughtFarmer.

Goodbye dc12-48ef

Direct access to SharePoint files from within your ThoughtFarmer intranet will enable you to find information you weren’t even aware of, as well as allow you to easily update and edit files.

Link and Find

Tired of fruitless searches? A powerful combined search (with comprehensive filters) that spans both your intranet and SharePoint means your days of navigating antiquated file server mazes are over.

Easy Editing

Put an end to painful content merging processes with in-browser document editing. Now anyone, including both Office and Mac users, can edit documents simultaneously from directly within a web browser.

SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Certified

The SharePoint Intranet Connector works with all versions of SharePoint 2010 and 2013. It’s also fully secure, only providing access to documents to users who have permission to view.