Tailored homepages

Provide your employees with information that matters to them. Accountants, engineers, managers — they all have different needs from the intranet. ThoughtFarmer’s homepage personalizes content at the user level, so employees see only relevant news, groups, and navigation items.

Team and company activity streams

See what’s happening everywhere. ThoughtFarmer gives employees a window into activity within the organization. An intelligent stream of key updates gives the feel of a collaborative office space, even for employees who are physically miles apart.

Employee profiles with personality

Get to know your colleagues, even when you’re miles apart. ThoughtFarmer profiles go beyond contact information. Employees can share their bio, skills, and personal tidbits, leading to stronger working relationships.

Conversations everywhere

Listen to what’s happening within your organization. Every page and every file in ThoughtFarmer supports comments — so conversations can emerge anywhere. Understand sentiment, gather feedback, and share ideas in real-time.

Get notified when things change

Following and notifications help users prioritize and keep on top of content. Employees can follow pages to receive updates on changes via email, desktop, and in-browser notifications.

Give a big thumbs up for peer recognition

Don’t leave people wondering if anyone even reads their content. The Like button is an instant way for employees to give positive feedback and for authors to feel good about their work.

Catch up on what you missed

Give employees peace of mind that they’ve seen everything they need to see. ThoughtFarmer sends a daily Catch-up email of content that users are connected with but haven’t read yet.