Spread the word to everyone

Need to get an urgent or important message out to all staff? Forget mass emails that get ignored and deleted. ThoughtFarmer internal news publishing lets you quickly create and disseminate big, bold, and beautiful global news items.

Get the right news to the right people

Localized newsfeeds are a secure and easy way to communicate with specific groups of employees. Define groups based on their location, role, or project and send them the news they care about.

Connect executives with employees

Don’t wait for company meetings and townhalls to reach out to your employees. Executives can use blogs to share important messages in a personal, interactive way.

An intranet that looks like you

Communicate your organization’s culture and values through your intranet identity and branding. Customize the look and feel of your intranet with easy built-in tools. The more advanced can add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for even more control.

Share calendars to stay in sync

Keep staff in the loop about special events, recurring meetings, out-of-office dates, and more. Click to create, drag and drop to rearrange, and import to your personal calendar. Roll up multiple team and personal calendars for a global view.

Multilingual. Multilingue. Meertalig. 多种语言.

With a localized interface, multilingual content management and auto-translate, your new intranet makes it easy to have conversations across borders.

Showcase social media and news feeds

Draw attention to your organization’s tweets, your website’s blog, and your industry’s news. Embed external social media and newsfeeds anywhere within your intranet, including the homepage.

Email newsletters created for you

Drive intranet adoption and engagement. ThoughtFarmer identifies popular and followed content to create an engaging, branded, weekly newsletter that is customized for each user.