Global news publishing

Need to get an urgent or important message out to all staff? Forget mass emails that get ignored and deleted. Spread the news to everyone through big, bold, and beautiful global news items.

Drag-and-drop templates

Design your own layouts and templates. No help from IT required.

Local newsfeeds

Communicate with specific groups of employees easily and securely. Define groups based on their location, role, or project and send them only the news they care about.


Communicate your organization’s culture and values through your intranet identity and branding. Customize the look and feel of your intranet to make it look like you with easy built-in tools. The more advanced can add HTML, CSS and JavaScript for even more control.


Share calendars to bring teams and projects together. Manage meetings, out-of-office dates, resources, timelines, events, and schedules. You can combine multiple calendars to see what’s happening inside your entire group, department, or organization.


With a localized interface, multilingual content management and auto-translate, ThoughtFarmer makes it easy to communicate and collaborate across borders.


Empower employees to share ideas, stories, and news. ThoughtFarmer has one-click creation of blogs, and straight-forward blog publishing to groups, pages, and newsfeeds.


Cards are the building blocks of every template. Give employees the power to design their own layouts or easily add features such as polls, newsfeeds, photo galleries, and more.

Social media and RSS feeds

Showcase your organization’s tweets, website’s blog, and industry’s news. Embed external social media and RSS feeds anywhere within your intranet, including the homepage.

Email newsletters

Lots happens on a busy social intranet. Personalized daily emails summarize information employees may have missed. Once a week, your intranet will auto-generate a personalized email for each employee, highlighting the most popular intranet content.