Administration panel

Sit in the pilot’s seat with ThoughtFarmer’s organized and intuitive administration panel. It serves as your behind-the-scenes control center for systems integrations, user management, statistics, customizations, and more. Everything is preconfigured to work out of the box. From there, you can customize and integrate as much or as little as you like.

SAML-powered identity provider

Install the Employee Directory Connector (EDC), our SAML-powered identity provider, for user management that IT teams will love. Automate user provisioning, enhance cloud authentication, integrate third-party login providers, and sync multiple active directories.

Single sign-on

Dispense with usernames and passwords. If you run ThoughtFarmer on your internal network, use Windows Integrated Authentication for an automatic logon. CoSign is also supported.

Active Directory integration

Two-way Active Directory synchronization keeps groups, profile pictures, security profiles, and employee contact information up to date across systems. Sync works perfectly whether you host yourself or use our Cloud version. Multiple Active Directory sync is made possible with our Employee Directory Connector (professional services may be required).

Manage system passwords within ThoughtFarmer

Reset your Windows password from within ThoughtFarmer—even when you’re off-network. Running our built-in user management? Reset your password with the Forgot Password link.

Integrate with your Microsoft systems and servers

ThoughtFarmer is one of the few, fully .NET-based SharePoint alternatives. Our software is Microsoft Certified and powered by enterprise-standard Microsoft technology like Windows Server and SQL Server. For you coders out there, we’re a C# app on the .NET MVC framework.

REST-based API

With our REST-based API, you can connect ThoughtFarmer to anything you can imagine: maybe an HRIS, or a home-grown CRM, or an electronic billboard? View documentation on the 62 API calls.

Custom Cards

Need a specific feature or widget that’s unique to your business? Go beyond built-in functionality by adding your own code to ThoughtFarmer. A slideshow? A video? A custom menu system? A single sign-on to another system? It’s all possible.

SharePoint Intranet Connector

Stuck with SharePoint? Our SharePoint Intranet Connector lets you search SharePoint, link to it, and embed SharePoint document libraries—all within the friendly ThoughtFarmer intranet portal interface.

Email and Calendar integration

ThoughtFarmer plays nicely with Outlook and other corporate email and calendar programs. Send content to ThoughtFarmer directly from your email, receive ThoughtFarmer notifications in your inbox, and sync intranet events to personal calendars.